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 Throttle Body Professional Products 750 Cfm Powerjection 1 System With Billet - Machined Finish Photo Main Click for larger view & slide show -Click for larger view & slide show -Click for larger view & slide show -

Item # PP-70002
Weighs 25.0000lbs.

Natural Machine Finish
This new throttle body-style EFI system is a breakthrough in engineering and technology. Two features set it apart from the competitors:
a returnless system (suitable for engines under 500 hp) which means you do not have to install a return line to the tank on vehicles originally equipped with a carburetor, and it is self learning. It adjusts itself to optimum performance geared to your particular vehicle and driving habits. No laptop programming required, although this feature is available for those gearheads who want to tinker with the system.
Each system includes port-style injectors sized for that particular system. Optional sized injectors are also available.

This revolutionary new Throttle Body EFI System provides the following features:
1. Ease of installation.
2. Adaptive learning Engine Management System or EMS for short. Easy to install and even easier to calibrate. This is a "self learning" system. No programming required.
3. Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Returnless Single Fuel Line System. (
NO return line needed.) This is only recommended for engines under 500 hp. Over 500 hp requires our #70106 Return Style Kit.
4. Now you do not have to change your manifold to the single style other EFI manufacturers decided for you! Our system works on any square bore (4150 style) four barrel manifold.
5. Great looks plus outstanding performance.
6. Designed with practically identical dimensions as a double pumper carb and can be installed in a few hours!
Height and length is identical.
Spacing for fuel inlet kit is identical.
Linkage is identical
Your air cleaner size and location are identical
And, most importantly, your Ram Air or "Shaker" style factory scoop wont have to be moved or cut up to fit.
Your engine compartment will retain that clean look of vintage muscle with just enough style to let everybody know that you have something special.
The Professional Products Throttle Body EFI comes complete with:
Exclusive billet throttle body or die cast model, both styles available in machined or die cast or fully polished.
Stage II Engine Management System (EMS) with adaptive learning and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fuel system capabilities. Programmable Spark and target air fuel ratio. Adaptive learning means the system adjusts itself for optimum performance as you drive it.
Smart-Tune Technology (STT) "Dashboard" Software.
Wideband oxygen sensor and bung included.
One bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor.
Electric Inline EFI Fuel Pump and Filter.
Complete sensor pack and gaskets.
Idle air control.
Four port-style injectors.
70150 EFI Fuel Pump
70160 EFI Fuel Filter
Two and Three Bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors for up to 30 psi. of boost. (Optional)
Each system is complete as above.

This part fits most Cars and Trucks.; exceptions may apply. Please read the complete description to see if this part fits your specific vehicle and application.

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Discontinued Item

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