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Fender Top Ornament
Chevrolet Parts -  Fender Top Ornaments - 1941
CHEVROLET Fender Top Ornaments - 1941
3658321 41
$180.00 Pair

These are the chrome ornaments on top of the fenders on a '41 car. We sell them in pairs.

For 1941 Chevrolet Cars

Chevrolet Parts -  Fender Top Ornaments (Original Accessory)
CHEVROLET Fender Top Ornaments (Original Accessory)
986981 54
$62.00 Pair

This original chrome accessory comes with the attaching hardware and has the correct contour through the length of the ornament. These are a great compliment to your hood orna...

For 1954 Chevrolet Cars

Fender Top Ornament Rubber Pad
Chevrolet Parts -  Fender Top Ornament Rubber Pads - 1941
CHEVROLET Fender Top Ornament Rubber Pads - 1941
3658321A 41
$45.00 Pair

These rubber pads are for under the fender top ornaments to prevent paint scratches and squeaks / rattles. (2 pieces). *NOTE* Doesn't fit our new fender top ornament*

For 1941 Chevrolet Cars

Washer Fender Ornaments
Chevrolet Parts -  Fender Moulding Washer -Hat Shaped
CHEVROLET Fender Moulding Washer -Hat Shaped
350054 ALL
$12.50 Set

This hat shaped washer kit includes 16 pieces. Some known uses: - Front moulding bolts. - 41 fender top ornaments. - Washboards on fenders. - Dash trim for below gauges & cloc...

For All Chevrolet Cars