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The Chevs of the 40's Team

Chevs of the 40's | 1937-1954 Chevrolet Classic Restoration and Street Rod Parts

Parts for 1937 to 1954 Chevy Cars or Trucks
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1937 Car

1937 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1937 Chevy Parts
All 1937 Chevy Car Parts were either a Master or Deluxe Master model in a Sedan, Coupe, Coach or Cabriolet body style. The Cabriolet had a production run of only 1,724 while 7,260 Deluxe Master Coaches were made and even twice as many Master coaches at 15,349. The Coupes made this year came in a Sport and a 5 window style. Only the 5 window model was available in a Deluxe Master. The Coupe's production numbers were 56,166 for the 5 window Deluxe, 54,683 for the Master and the Sport was limited to 8,935. The Sedan had the largest production this year and was available in 4 body styles: Sport, Standard, Town and Delivery. The Town had production numbers near 500,000 whereas the standard was limited to 2,221 Deluxe and 2,755 Masters. The Sport had a large run as well with 144,110 Deluxe Masters and only 43,240 Masters.

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1938 Car

1938 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1938 Chevy Parts
Now that the rush for the new Chevrolet vehicles was over 1938 saw a drastic 50% decrease in production. The same lineup of vehicles were offered though the production number changes shows how demand for certain models affected production. The Coupe Sport took a big reduction and had a run of 2,790 versus 8,935 the year before. The Hardest hit however was the Chevrolet 1938 5 Window Coupe which had a reduction to 2,790 – only 4 percent of the previous years production.

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1939 Car

1939 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1939 Chevy Parts
In 1939 Chevrolet sees an increase again in production from a slight recession in 1938. The Master Series vehicle gets renamed as the Master "85" Series and the Sports Coupe gets auxiliary fold down opera seating. In production the Standard Sedan decreases to under 400 units whereas the Sport Sedan Master Deluxe increases to 110,520 and 20,908 of the new Sport Coupes with the new seating are produced. The Chevy 5 Window Deluxe Master Coupe gets a production boost reaching 33,809 units over the 2,790 units produced the year prior.

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1940 Car

1940 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1940 Chevy Parts
The 1940 Chevrolet Master and Special were completely redesigned from the 1939 Chevrolets. The lines were smoother and the "alligator" hood was introduced. A relatively simple level of trim characterized the Master 85 with 104,044 cars produced that year. 229,373 of the Chevy Master DeLuxe were made and featured independent front suspension and better trim. New that year was the Special Deluxe. It was notable by its stainless steel hood moulding along with other luxury accessories. The Chevy Special Deluxe was Chevrolets best-seller with 431,199 produced.

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1941 Car

1941 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1941 Chevy Parts
In 1941 Chevrolet produced the Master DeLuxe and Special DeLuxe; the Chevy Master 85 had been phased out at the end of 1940. All new Chevrolets were equipped with independent front suspension. The overall length and weight of both the Chevy Master DeLuxe and Special DeLuxe increased, as well as a larger interior. This was the last year Chevy introduced the Coupe with a pick-up box on the Master DeLuxe series and Sedan Fleetline on the Special DeLuxe series. With an improved economy, production numbers increased for both the Chevrolet Master DeLuxe and Special DeLuxe, with totals of 406,863 and 602,113 respectively.

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1942 Car

1942 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1942 Chevy Parts
In 1942 the Chevrolet Master DeLuxe and Special DeLuxe models were almost identical to the 1941 versions. Chevy introduced a new two-door fastback called the Fleetline Aerosedan, their best-seller that year with 61,855 produced. With World War II underway, production numbers of 1942 Chevrolets saw a sharp decline of approximately 75%. On February 1st, the government ceased production of all American cars.

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1946 Car

1946 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1946 Chevy Parts
With the war over, Chevrolet resumed production of their vehicles and renamed their 1946 models. The Master DeLuxe had become the Stylemaster, while the Special DeLuxe was renamed the Fleetmaster. Fleetmaster continued with its Fleetline sub-model. The Chevy body types were the same as the pre-war models, in addition, Chevrolet stopped production of the Fleetmaster Business Coupe. The Chevy Stylemaster Sport Sedan was the top seller in 1946 with 75,349 produced.

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1947 Car

1947 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1947 Chevy Parts
1947 saw an increase in Chevrolets of over 40%. The Fleetline Aerosedan became Chevys leader over the Stylemaster Sport Sedan in 1946, with 159, 407 produced. Minor modifications were made on the 1947 Chevrolet models, including grille and beltline moldings.

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1948 Car

1948 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1948 Chevy Parts
Chevrolet made minor modifications in trim to their 1948 models. With production demands still high post-war, model changes were deemed unnecessary. Chevy production numbers increased by 4% over 1947. The Fleetline series was still the top producer in 1948 with the Aerosedan being the top-seller with 211,861 built.

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1949 Car

1949 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1949 Chevy Parts
In 1949, Chevrolet introduced its first "new" model since the end of World War II. The Stylemaster became the Styleline, while the Fleetmaster was renamed the Fleetline. Both models had DeLuxe or Special trim styles. These new Chevys had a lower, smoother profile, with the front fenders blending into the doors while the rear fenders continued to protrude out of the sides of the car. With chassis and suspension design improvements, the 1949 models were the best handling Chevys to date. Productions numbers increased over 33% from 1948, with the four-door Styleline DeLuxe the most made.

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1950 Car

1950 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1950 Chevy Parts
The 1950 Chevrolet design basically remained the same as the 1949. Chevy removed three vertical components in the grille to give the Chevy a cleaner look. Chevrolet introduced the Bel Air. This was the first low-priced hardtop coupe in America and became one of Chevrolet's best sellers, with 103,356 produced. The two-speed PowerGlide automatic transmission was introduced as an option for the Deluxe series only. Total produced Chevys increased 30%, with the four-door Style-line DeLuxe still a best-seller.

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1951 Car

1951 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1951 Chevy Parts
Only slight changes to the Chevrolet grille and trim differentiated the 1951 from the 1950 Chevy. The horizontal bar of the grille wrapped around the parking lights. The two-speed PowerGlide transmission was offered as an option on all Chevrolet models. Chevrolet advertised new brake linings that required less pedal pressure. Sales of the 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe four-door sedan began to decline. Overall production numbers decreased by 18%, however, once more the four-door Styleline DeLuxe had increased from the year before.

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1952 Car

1952 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1952 Chevy Parts
The 1952 Chevrolet Styleline and Fleetline models were nearly the same as the year before. Though five "teeth" were added to the grille of the 1952 Chevy. Also, a new carburetor improved acceleration. 1952 was the last year the Fleetline DeLuxe two-door fastback was on sale. Once again, the four-door Styleline DeLuxe was the top-selling Chevy produced that year, with 319,736 made. The Korean conflict caused automobile production numbers to decline. With only 892,776 Chevrolets built that year, Chevy was still well ahead of the competition.

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1953 Car

1953 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1953 Chevy Parts
The 1953 Chevrolet Styleline and Fleetline models were nearly the same as the year before. Though five "teeth" were added to the grille of the 1952 Chevy. Also, a new carburetor improved acceleration. 1952 was the last year the Fleetline DeLuxe two-door fastback was on sale. Once again, the four-door Styleline DeLuxe was the top-selling Chevy produced that year, with 319,736 made. The Korean conflict caused automobile production numbers to decline. With only 892,776 Chevrolets built that year, Chevy was still well ahead of the competition.

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1954 Car

1954 Chevrolet Car Parts Inventory

1954 Chevy Parts
The 1954 Chevrolet models had grille and trim changes. The new grille extended the full width of the car with five "teeth" and newly designed parking lights at each end of the grille bar. A clean taillight revamp smoothed out the look from rear of the Chevy Car Parts. Chevrolet production numbers decreased by 16% in 1954. The four-door Bel-Air sedan, with 248,750 produced, beat the four-door Two-Ten sedan, with 235,146 produced, to become the top-seller that year.

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1937 Truck

1937 Chevrolet Truck Parts Inventory

1937 Chevy Parts
Chevrolet's truck line up consisted of a range of models from a 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, one and one-and-a-half ton models with this being the 1st year having 3/4 and 1 tons as standard models in the Chevrolet lineup. The Utility line of trucks came in single and dual wheel configurations and two wheel base lengths of 131 inches and a longer 157 inches.

Chevrolet also introduced the 216 engines and increased the number of main bearings to four. With the gas tank under the seat, the passenger seat must be removed to fill the tank. The half-ton bed length increased from 72 inches to 77 inches. Other Chevrolet truck changes that year included the truck headlights attached to the radiator shell sides and the treads on the running boards ran the length of board. The 1937 truck is distinguishable by its front grille with tall, narrow vertical slats and slim design.

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1938 Truck

1938 Chevrolet Truck Parts Inventory

1938 Chevy Parts
GM introduces a new grille for the 1938 Chevrolet model trucks which wraps around the nose further back to the headlights than before. The thicker horizontal grilling with Var width rails makes for a more robust grille. The 1938 Chevrolet truck model was much like the 1937 truck. Still, some changes included the gas tank filler extending through the cab wall instead of under the seat and a heavier bumper with a painted streak was added. This was the last year Chevrolet used the generator cutout.

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1939-40 Truck

1939 and 1940 Chevrolet Truck Parts Inventory

1939 Chevy Parts
The 1939 and 1940 Chevrolet trucks had a restyled and reengineered cab and front sheet metal. The new models were the best-looking trucks in Chevrolet Division's history. The Chevy cab was designed for driver comfort and convenience. In 1939 Chevrolet launched its first cab-over-engine truck.

This was also the first year Chevrolet used script lettering on the tailgate, and the last year for oval taillights.

Chevrolet continued the new design into the 1940 model year. One of the more obvious differences from the 1939 models was the uppermost grille bar with the large Chevrolet name written in red script letters. Minor changes in the cab included the instrument panel, curved with a rectangular gauge cluster design from the passenger cars. Chevrolet introduced the rectangular taillight that year and the Chevy bed became three inches wider.

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1941-46 Truck

1941 1942 1943 1945 1946 Chevrolet Truck Parts Inventory

1941-1946 Chevy Parts
The 1941 Chevrolet trucks entire front end was all new. The larger, more impressive truck had an increased wheelbase and more power. Chevy discontinued the stamped name in the tailgate that year. The longer wheelbase enabled the cab area with additional legroom and the seat back was reclined to a more comfortable angle. The headlight assemblies were now on the fenders.

The 1942 Chevrolet trucks were essentially unchanged from 1941. The government halted all automobile production in early 1942 because of World War II. Chevrolet resumed production of civilian trucks for general sales in August, 1945. The government allowed Chevrolet to build civilian heavy-duty chassis cabs for qualified essential users in both 1944 and 1945 and the half-ton 115-inch wheelbase pickup in 1945 for qualified essential civilian users.

In 1946 Chevrolet brought a full line of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks to the market. All the trucks that year came complete with chrome trim. The light-duty engine was the same as the prewar engine. Only minor changes were made to the Chevy Truck models in 1946.

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1947-53 Truck

1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 Chevrolet Truck Parts Inventory

1947-1953 Chevy Parts
1947 was the year of major overall for Chevrolet. The Advanced Design trucks entered production with a multitude of model changes. The new Chevys had a larger cab, more comfortable seats and driving better vision. The gas tank was moved to under the truck bed that year. The 3 wider bed had nine planks, versus the seven from the year before. The Chevrolet name was stamped into tailgate. The larger windshield and bigger side and rear window glass and optional rear-quarter windows greatly improved safety and driver vision.

1948: Chevrolet only made minor changes to their models this year. The transmission gear shift lever was moved to the steering column from the floor, while the parking brake was changed from a floor mounted lever to a foot actuated pedal.

1949: Still only minor changes were made this year. The gas tank was moved into the cab behind the seat back. The Chevy hood emblem became a chrome-plated steel. This was the last year Chevrolet used the lever action shocks.

In 1950 the 216.5 cubic inch six was tweaked to put out more horsepower. The new modern tubular shocks were introduced this year. The Chevrolet hood side emblem show their name plus 3100 for a 1/2 ton, 3600 on a 3/4 ton and 3800 on a 1 ton.

In 1951 the left-side cowl vent was eliminated and replaced with the door vent windows. The seat adjustment with the metal cable is changed to a rod under the cushion which is run through a rubber grommet and secured to the seat riser frame. In mid-year, the Chevy Truck Parts bed changed from nine boards to eight. The maximum speedometer speed was 80 mph.

Push-button door handles were introduced in the 1952 model year. The Chevrolet hubcaps changed from being chrome plated to gray painted steel with black block letters, though the stamping and shape remained the same as prior years. Some say a very few deluxe 1/2 ton pickups still carried the chrome cap. The truck speedometer now shows a maximum speed of 90 mph.

The Chevrolet truck hood emblem is now stainless steel. This was the first year Chevy offered the optional left side mount spare tire on the pickups. 1953 was the last year for wood blocks under the truck bed.

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1954 Truck

1939 Chevrolet Truck Parts Inventory

1954 Chevy Parts
Chevrolet introduced the one-piece windshield, an all-new grille, new parking lights, a new steering wheel and a redesigned dashboard. The new high-pressure 235 cubic inch insert bearing engine on the pickups and 261 cubic inch six-cylinder on large trucks began that year. The Chevy hubcaps had the same shape as before; however, they had only the bowtie emblem. The redesigned bed changed to increase the bed depth with all new bed sides. The optional rear bumper is dropped in the center to make room for the new license plate location.

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