Just wanted to make sure you got the photos of my '48 Sedan Delivery. Feel free to use them in your catalog as I have bought many items from you folks with 110% satisfaction. Besides, '48 Sedan Delivery's are also very rare in old school (235 ci) hot rod condition. I do have a '77 Nova rear end with a '69 fully synchronized transmission that still shifts on the column and all original gauges work.

Thank you again,

Larry Formo

Enclosed are a few pictures of the '41. Now you can see where all your hard work and parts went. There are a few "body mods" as you can see, the parking lights have been moved from the headlights to the fenders, the area between the front bottom of the box and the side panels has been filled to close off that void seen on other trucks, the gas filler has been moved to the back fender (the lid is from a '40 Buick), it has a hand built tailgate with hidden stainless locking pins, a roll pan with "frenched" license plate, the rear tail lights are mounted in the extended and rounded bed supports (the front supports have been rounded to match) and a third brake light has been added just below the rear window. The front window is V-butted. It runs a 4.3L Chevy with a Holley Street Dominator intake and a four barrell carb, 700R4 Automatic Overdrive with a Lokar shifter, Mustang II front with 11" rotors, a Nova rear supported by S-10 springs. The top is a Ford dark blue metallic with Cadillac white diamond pearl on the bottom. The step plates are stainless steel strips , as is the running board edge protector.

Thank you for all your help in getting this project "out of the field" and on the road.

Steve Doran
Mt Vernon, WA

'41 Master Deluxe Coupe, '41 colors: Indian Suntan over Cameo Cream. Radials, A/C, Radio--Original w/converter to AM-FM with CD deck mounted in the trunk.

I saw a car just like this at the defense plant at Cactus, TX in '43 when I was 13 - was the prettiest car I had ever seen and I still think so.

Thanks so much for all your help.

Charlie Burton
Wheeler, TX

Bubba Ray and the '54 Chev on the way to put the car in the 49th Portland Roadster Show!

Velvet & Crew,

Thanks for the great service and help over all the years! Won 2nd place.

Lenny/Bubba Ray

Here is a little memento. Thank you very much for your hard work, and for making my dream car a reality.

Cesar Rodriguez
Palm Desert, CA

Thank you for all your help on needed parts and information. Enclosed is pictures of my 1950 Chev. Ready for upholstery. I use the car often and always get thumbs up. My wife loves the car. Thank you for putting my car in your catalog. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

Thank you,

Joe Tusso
Patchogue, NY


Thanks for the service & having the parts available to get my '41 back to like new condition. After 3 years of work and countless hours, I enjoy cruising in it on nice days. I thought you would like a picture of my pride & joy.

Gary Cyphert
Clarion, PA


We received our order today and everything seems to be correct. Thank you for the prompt service and great prices. Thank you again.

Ed & Nancy Wisehart
Homer, IL


I was really surprised to see my '48 Convertible on the cover of my catalog. I can only thank Chevs of the 40's and their staff for helping out on the build of the car. I have been using your catalog & parts for years now, this is the 3rd '40's Chev that I have done. Your catalog is a great reference book just to see how things are to fit. I am also looking for a convert boot for my car, it has tan interior and I see you list a boot. Is it custom built color & material to match my car? I know, hard question, maybe I can send a swatch of the material to match it up. Thanks again for a great catalog, hopefully I have a few more rebuilds in my future.

Art (Bob) Zacour

Thanks for all your help.

Merrille Harrison
Huntington, WV

It's a 1947 Chev Stylemaster Coupe with a 396 ci big block, 350 Turbo trans. Rescued from a junkyard in Feb. of 2008 and 2 yrs of hard work and thanks to Chevs of the 40's for all help and parts.

Amel & Louise McNeal
Meeker, OK


The Dutchman (me) doesn't forget about this type of customer service extended to me. I will be a returning customer if/when I need parts. Thank you.

Gary Hoyt
Boulevard, CA

RE: order number 18226, Gas Pedal Accessory Cover, Heel Pad #986325, it arrived this morning just before noon. SUPER NICE!!!!! If that is a reproduction, I can’t tell it from the real thing and I was THERE when the real thing was!!!! Also I got your catalog. Thank you so much for being so prompt and exact! No one could ask for more. More companies could take a lesson from you on how to treat their customers. I will be “studying” this catalog in detail and looking for other parts I may need for this car and I am sure that I will be in touch with you again very soon.

Again, please let me thank you and “sing” your praises, because you surely do provide Complete Satisfaction!!!! What a pleasure.

Billy G. Spivey

Just a line or two to thank you all for your help in making my restoration as uneventful as possible. Couldn’t have done as nice a job without you folks.

Thanks again

Paul & Kitty Jacques
Warwick, RI

Restoration report on the

CHEVROLET Styleline de Luxe 1952
4 door, 6 person, Sedan, 3 speed manual shift (3 on a tree)

SIX-2100 KK
Serial number 20-KAA-756466
Style number 52 1069
Model number 2103
Body number VN13351
Trim number 213

Engine number KAM I 74953 6cyl, 216.5 ci, 92hp
had run 49687.5 miles (2/7/94) maybe 149,687.5 miles
– after total revision 210 miles

Good let’s start where it all started...

While being in Florida I bought the Old Car Trader. Reading through the magazine in the evening I saw an ad of a Chevy for sale in Tampa/FL:

“52 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe, body very good condition, standard trans, skirts, sun visor, interior good, lots of spare parts, phone…. $1200” .

The car looked reasonable and I decided to buy it after consulting my wife Linda in the middle of the Dutch night. That was February 2, 1992 – a few weeks later (March 21, 1992) the car arrived in Holland. My wife right away feel in love with the car. She was the one persuading me to keep it. I wanted a Cadillac Biarritz 1959 or something like that – not a “cheap” Chevrolet.

April 25, 1992 the stripping started and the disaster too. Rust all over the place, suspicious parts on the engine, a spare 1952 gearbox in the car? I started to learn a lot about the Chevrolets 49-52 and also discovered a lot of wrong items on the car, wrong colors, wrong material etc. This was not acceptable. Beginning 1993 I lifted the body of the chassis. Oh well – I wanted to give up but my wife pushed in a nice way to continue. The front floor, half the rear floor, the trunk floor, one quarter panel, rocker panels had to be replaced. I also replaced all 4 doors. More than 400 hours of welding was required. All parts are hand-made and absolutely original pattern.

The ad should have stated:
“52 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe, filler and rust in very good condition, standard trans which needs to be hooked up like the engine too, skirts, sun visor, interior good, lots of spare parts which you’ll need badly, phone…. $1200” .

Afterwards I think 1200 dollars was much to much and I should have looked more closer, use magnets, should not trust anyone etc.

The chassis was sandblasted, sprayed (rust primer and 2k chassis black) and every part in need of replacement had been replaced – a total new front-end, brakes etc.

In the meanwhile I also found out that the engine was a 1953 235ci PG (Powerglide) engine mounted to a 49 gearbox. This was totally unacceptable. I bought another Chevy with the right 216.5ci engine and 52 gearbox at Hershey/PA. That one came out of the same factory and month as mine. The engine got a total revision, had been sprayed in the right grey color and put back onto the chassis in 1995. All the small items had been checked up too – components like starter, generator, carburetor, fuel pump, water pump etc.

The welding progressed over the years. The body had been sandblasted too, sprayed in a 2k zinc compound paint and reunited on September 7, 1996 after spraying the underbody in the right 2k Spring Green.

Nearly all the chrome parts had been rechromed, Stainless steel parts polished. I ordered the whole upholstery, assist straps, headliner, door panels, door sills etc.

What Chev of the 40’s could supply at that time I bought over the years – brake parts, switches, terminals, wiring harnesses, bulbs, lenses, moldings, clips, lots of small items and electrical parts, - well name it. So far as available rubbers, grommets, weather-stripping, gaskets.

Why Chev of the 40’s ?– It just fits, no concerns, top quality, always right and ready to mount. I never had to return a single items over the years. People started to know me at Chev of the 40’s. I assume they had been thinking “There is the Dutch guy again”

Between 1996 and 1998 the doors, fenders, trunk lid, hood have been mounted. That was quite a job since nothing did fit in the first instance. Also the gas tank had to be replaced. Besides of some frustrations like set-backs doing body work it was great to do. Much less fun was the sanding part 80, than 120, 150, 200 and eventually 400. I tried to use as less filler as I could and I did so successfully. Getting bored of the sanding I revised the steering, heater, all instruments, the radio and those kind of parts. That was fun at least. But the sanding had to be done too so I asked a friend to help out here. Together it was bearable and a beer while working did help too.

Because of our immigration to Canada in June 1999 the car had been resprayed at my friends shop here in Holland. Lots of work, but lots of fun - all original colors Emerald and Spring Green - inside and outside. It started to look like a car again. All the sanding was worthwhile.

The container had dropped and the car had been damaged badly. I lost interest for about two years. The car was sitting in my garage under a cover. My wife asked me friendly to continue on the lady. Another friend of mine from Holland came over to Canada and we worked for one weeks on the car. Once in a while it was a little bit of cursing because things didn’t fit as intended (windows, grille) but we managed and the car did run after a week of hard work and long days. My wife was really happy about because she loved that car so much. She was also the one joining me for Hershey and other national and international events. She was the one never complained time nor about one dime spend on the car and I did spend some….

Two things I didn’t revise: the gearbox and the rear axle –don’t ask me why. I asked a mechanic and he said it did sound good – well it wasn’t so good. First test-drive, a big bang, a huge oil leakage and that was it.

Due to the passing away of my wife we returned in September 2003 to The Netherlands and of course my car (no, my wife’s car) joined us too. I got a well known restoration company to fix the gearbox and rear axle. I couldn’t do it myself because I had no shop at that time. The first thing I did after the car passed technical inspection and I got my Dutch papers was to drive to the cemetery to show her the car. I believe she saw “her” car. Since than I started cruising around in it, featured in several magazines and enjoy the “old lady”. Is she still the “cheap” looking car – well decide for yourself. After all I’m very happy that I continued because there had been so many of these Chevrolets but most of them are gone.

Can one consider this as a “frame-off” restoration – no, I would say it had been a “bolt-off” restoration. Would I do it again – oh yes. I learned a lot and it’s really fun.

Thanks to the Internet and E-Bay I bought every available GM (Chevrolet 1952) accessory. Items like the Chevrolet 1952 shaver, passing eye mirror and many more. These items are listed in the American and/or Canadian GM Chevrolet accessory catalogue. I also bought a huge amount of documentation, films, records, training material, books, brochures etc. My collection of documentation is really unique.

Again, many thanks for all superb parts and service you supplied me with. Without these parts a proper restoration would have been impossible.

H. Struve

Dear Chevy People,

A friend of mine gave me your catalog at a car show Sunday June 12! I opened it today to my amazement, wow you guys carry lots of neat stuff! I also saw other Chevy owners' cars in your catalog--I thought that was really cool. So, I'm sending a few pictures of my 48 Chevy which I've had for about 11 years and maybe $30K later. Z28 350 ci, Turbo350 Trans, Chevelle front end, Nova rear--air bagged--will sit on frame, electric windows, fenders moulded, electric seat, stock dash, etc.! I've been driving it for about 4 years now--I need a few things, I will order soon. I live in Fontana, CA! Thanks for the book!

Jim Martinez
Fontana, CA

Chevs of the 40's,

Enclosed is a picture of my 1940 1/2Ton Chev Pick-up.

This two year project could not have been completed without the help of your company.

The best help of all was Velvet x103 when I had a problem or advice in ordering, she was always ready and willing to help.

Thanks Velvet.


Lawrence R. May
New Market, VA

Dear Chevs,

Four years ago my son Adam and I embarked on the restoration of our '48 Chevy Woodie. The car was dismantled down to the frame. It became apparent that while our parts cars were near complete, many of the parts were simply not the quality we demanded. The parts search began. We sought parts from private as well as commercial sources, but Chevs of the 40's was far and away the most important source for quality parts and at more than reasonable costs. The personal attention paid by Velvet and other knowledgeable staff at "Chevs" was (and remains) very much appreciated.

As we now approach the completion of our Chevy Woodie, we can look back and say that one of the few constants during our restoration journey was the quality parts and service you provided.

I hope you look at the photos of our completed 1948 Chevrolet Station Wagon and take a measure of personal pride as you and Chevs of the 40's have been so instrumental in it's success!

My sincere thanks,

Jack Diehl
Encinitas, CA

I just wanted to tell you that all the items I ordered arrived in great condition and exactly as described in your outstanding catalog. Your online order processing was rather easy considering it involved a gift certificate.

That gift certificate was one of the prizes that Chevs of the 40's donated to our car club Cruisin' Classics of Bloomington, IN. for our annual Smithville show. There were several hundred cars at that show with mine winning a couple awards. Chevs of the 40's support for our hobby is most appreciated.
Thank you again for the high quality merchandise, speedy order processing and shipping, and for your continued support of our love of automobiles.

J. Bryan Mattison
Unionville, IN

Dear Chevs of the 40's

I received my order in first class condition with all the bits and bobs here in New Zealand, thank you. With great pleasure I fitted the glovebox, of course on the left side of the dash here, it all went together beautifully. For 16 years I have kept my eyes peeled at swap meets for a pattern or maybe the part, sometimes I have spoken to retailers here who have promised things but never delivered on the promise! From having a void in the dash for 16 years to now a very neat and strong glovebox with my original handbooks in their new home, I am very pleased and proud of the finish. Thank you very much. I am very pleased to have found your company and services. I look forward to future business.

A piccie attached. If you had a window sticker of your company logo I would be pleased to display it so others will see your company name. Good as gold mate.

Mark Gibson
'38 Master Sport Sedan
New Zealand


My complements to the girl I spoke with. After returning this
item, she went and picked the best one she could find for my Show Truck. I
think her name is Kristen? Just thought I'd write to give a pat on the back
to a GREAT employee that you have. VERY SATISFIED.


Dave Cunha
East Providence, RI

Dear Sirs,

Imagine my surprise when I received my latest issue of Chevs of the 40's Catalog with a 1940 Chev Coupe on the front cover with the name "Leo" on the front license plate.

I can not thank you enough for helping me to restore my 40 Chev Coupe. Thank you for salesmen like Robert who was always very helpful and courteous when responding to questions and orders on the phone.

I always received my parts promptly and in satisfactory condition and exactly what I had ordered.

I am including a picture of my 40 Chev Coupe which is the exact likeness of the one on the cover of my catalog.

Thanks again,

Leo Hudgens

Chevs of the 40's,

First of all, I want to thank you for getting me the parts for my 1952 Chevy Deluxe. Running on the streets of San Marcos, I enjoy cruising on it with your help.

Here is a picture of my 1952 Chevy Deluxe, see if you can print it in your next catalog.

Juan Villarreal
San Marcos, TX

Dear Sir,

I started my 1946 Chevy 1/2Ton truck in October 2004 and finished in spring 2005. My two assistants Dale Bryant and Norm Ferris were invaluable help to me in all categories. They both know so much. I loved doing the restoration an of course bought all my parts from you. I wonder if you might consider putting a picture of the truck in your catalog. The story is quite simple: The truck was in North Carolina, moved to Pennsylvania and somewhat restored. My friend bought it in 1990 and sold it to me in 2004. I did the complete restoration over the next winter with my expert assistants who have done many, many cars in the past. Please check my invoices and you will see the truck really is a Chevy of the 40's. Thanks for all your help and knowledge.


Gary Reynolds
Hornell, NY

Hi Guys and Gals

Thanks for all the help over the past years. I have attached a picture of my 41 Chev.

You guys and gals help with many of the hard to find parts.

Charles Ferguson

Chev's of the 40's,

I am sending this letter to let all the people that work for Chevs of the 40's that I appreciate what they did for me to be able to get my 1952 Chev back on the road. I also would like to thank Velvet for her assistance, she was a life saviour. And thank you for the new catalog.

I am enclosing a photo of my 1952 Chev 2-door Deluxe.


Joe Wayne
Tacoma, WA

To Ron Wade,

Here are some pictures of my '53 Chev 5-window pick up.

I finished it last month and showed it at our annual April Fool's Rod Run.

I bought quite a lot of parts from Chevs of the 40's. Every one of the parts worked out very well.

I looked at some of the pictures you have in your catalogs, and there are some nice pick ups in there.

I did 90% of work myself.

I wrote on the back of one of the pictures what my truck has in it.


David Culpepper
Blackshear, GA

Here's the photos. I told Rod I was anxious to show you guys the car you're helping me restore. I got the car the same way you here of in stories. The guy had it in a barn and drove it once in a while. He offered it to me because he is getting too old to keep up on the maintenance and he knows I'll take good care of her. There are little things that need fixed, but It's a joy to work on and to drive. The engine photo shows the restored Carter W-1 carburetor from Chevs of the 40's installed and operating flawlessly. Thanks for all the parts and advice you guys provide. I look forward to every step of restoration with you involved.


Luke Stone

Harvey: Thanks for the reply...sounds like all is set up and running and I
appreciate you help. You guys are a fine organization and a pleasure to do
business with both buying and selling! Our 40 convertible, wife, and I
leave the last week of July to head to the NSRA Nationals. With us will be
my brother and wife in his '40 Coupe Street Rod. This will be the first big
trip for the car so we are very much looking forward to it. Have been
taking numerous smaller trips for a shake down and so far everything seems
to be in order. The warmed over 261 purrs and sounds just like a Chev 6 is
supposed to sound...plenty of power to move us along at freeway speeds. I
did have to finally give in and change the running gear however, Mustang
front end (normal stance), 5 speed manual overdrive tranny and Blazer
rear-end. One trip on Interstate 5 to Seattle and back on the original
suspension and drive system convinced me that these cars in stock trim are
much better suited for the 40's roads at 50 to 55 mph! Thanks to your
outfit, the car still looks as stock as can be but rolls along at speed in
comfort. I have attached a picture of the car.

Earle Presten

Dear Chevs,

We are so excited to be able to send pictures of the completed '41 Chev pickup. We have been working on it for about 4 years and have called you many times for assistance. Thank you very much for your good help.

We are thinking of coming to your area sometime in Sept. and will stop and see you then.


Sid & Pat Rice
Glasgow, MT

I am so glad as I was trying to get to the proper page in your catalog I came across the photo of your friend, Freddie Pooler's woodie suburban. Obviously, I haven't "pawed" through the entire catalog, I start with the index and go directly to the page I need. Just when I thought I knew almost all there is to know about Chev woodie suburbans, his pops up! And as luck would have it, you know him! As you can see from my photos, our respective 'burbs are very different. Mine has the wood body (restored by Ron Heiden, who has his shop 25 miles north of San Diego in Encinitas ) originally done by The Campbell Company out of New York. The other main woodie suburbans were made by a firm named The Cantrell Company. Both are 4 door, with a Cantrell having its front door about 4 to 6 inches wider than my Campbell, so the Cantrell's rear doors are cut out to go around the rear wheel wells, as opposed to my rear doors that you can see are just straight. The other way to tell the difference between the 2 models is the Cantrells have 3 hinges on the rear doors, and my Campbell has only 2 hinges. Of course the easiest difference is the cut out wheel well or not. I know of a 3 door 53 GMC Campbell. It has 3 doors only as the rear driver's side "non door" has the gas tank filler coming through the middle of the panel. It is owned by Don Gilbert who lives in Arizona, and I believe sells suburban parts also. I know of about 4 other Cantrell suburbans ( I am a card carrying member of the National Woodie Club ), and other than Gilbert's, I do not know of any other Campbell bodied 'burbs. My other strange feature is that my gas fill opening is under the left rear jumpseat, has a small trap door to get to the opening, kinda one of a kind. Do you know if Freddie is a member of the NWC? I will look through the roster tonight. I would very much like to talk/email him and learn more about his woodie. This might be more than you ever thought you might learn about wooden suburbans, one I get started, the info just flows out. I am very pleased to make this connection with you, and I would be very happy to have my Campbell gracing a page in your next catalog, as I have a number of parts from you. I will call you tomorrow about the fan belt that started all this. Here are my 3 favorite shots I took Thanksgiving morning in a cemetery near my home in Oakland, perhaps a strange venue, but I like the results.

Best regards,

Don Bryant
Oakland, CA


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the assistance and great service you have provided me in my latest project (photo enclosed). You have proved to be a most valuable asset in the project in regards to advice, tools and procedures. Up until this time I have usually done Ford street rods, but this is my first Chevrolet, and because of you, it was fun and worthwhile! I have passed on my older catalogs to my friends and other "car guys" that have other GM street rods and they too have them a great tool.

I will be calling from time to time to maintain the car and I am also looking into other GM models as potential projects...you will be one of the first to know of it!

Thank you for everything, you are the greatest!


Glenn Bushouse
Richland, MI

Hello Velvet,

I wanted to send you these pictures that I just took of my 1938 Chevy Coupe. As you know, I purchased basically everything from Chevs of the 40’s. I wanted to let you know that I could not have finished this car without Chevs of the 40’s help. Please feel free to pass these pictures on to the rest of your staff and tell everyone thank you. If you wish to use these photos in your parts catalog, it would make my day!!!!!

Rocky Howell
Greenville, NC

Chevs of the 40's,

Thx for all the help you gave me on my 1952 Chev--you all were great, even when I did not know what I really needed. So, here is the 1952 Chev picture. Hope you like it as much as I.


Betty Jo Jahnke
Bellville, TX


Thought you might like to see what you and everyone here have been working on over the last few years.

your friends,

Jim, Toba, Ezz, Niles
Koshkonong, MO

Here's a picture of my '50-52' Chevy. The front is '50, the body is '52 (Resto Rod).

Thanks for the quick service and the parts I needed to get it finished.

Frank Palmer
Priest River, ID


Enclosed is the carburetor core from my '41 Chev. Please credit my VISA account or send check.

Enclosed is a picture of my '41. It looks better with the new hubcaps you sent me.


John McDonald
Stilwell, KS

Hello Chevs,

Here are the pictures I promised. Also a brochure for next year's Indoor Nats (near Baltimore). I went last year. I didn't win but they used my truck for advertising :-).

The pictures are not the best, look for the ghost skulls in the hood & fenders.

Thanks for all the expert advice and friendly service!

Read Messick
Millington, MD


This is Dannie Hoffer, I am the one with the 1952 Chevy, Red and White.
I have won a lot of First Place Trophies since June I won best of Show last Sunday. My first one for the category. I love showing off my old car. I was invited to a special car show that will be held in a Mall. They only invited 40 cars to be shown and mine was one of them. I am so thrilled to have been included in this special event.

I carry a fold up T V Table and put my picture album on it. I also put up a sign I printed about Chev's of the 40's. People were asking me where you were located and I didn't have your address or phone number. I told them to go to www.chevsofthe40's.com.

So ever since the first or second car show I ever went to; I have been putting along side of my album a catalog of CHEV'S OF THE 40'S. People stop and look and then I see them writing down your phone or address.

I hope this has helped your catalog to get more attention. I am a well pleased customer with Chev's catalog.

Thank You,

Dannie Hoffer
North Judson, IN

Thank you for all that you and your team do at Chevs of the 40’s. Without your expertise
“Mr. Peabody” would not have a renewed life in this millennium. As you can see by
looking at him, he has that wide grin all over his face!! Let me tell you about Mr.
Peabody…he has on a brown & green Stetson hat, white wingtip Stacey Adams shoes
with tips brown and soles black, then looking on the inside he is wearing a brown double
breasted pinstripe suit with silver buttons and he is a perfect gentleman when he allows
you to step up inside on his black running boards. A Dapper gentleman, if I must say so

Valerie B. Jackson
Little Rock, AR

Article from owner:

Go ahead. Offer Valerie Jackson, the administrative assistant in the English Language Learners Office, any amount of money for her prized 1948 Chevrolet
Fleetmaster, which she affectionately has nicknamed Mr. Peabody. How much would you pay for the privilege of calling the restored
classic car your own . . . $40,000, $50,000 or maybe even $70,000? Well, don’t worry about getting that extra loan or raiding the kids’ college fund to claim Mr. Peabody. Apparently, it’s not for sale at any price. Valerie entered Mr. Peabody in the car show at the annual Toad Suck Daze festival, which was held in Conway this past weekend. Not surprisingly, she won first place, but what was a surprise was an offer she received from a fellow car enthusiast to purchase the vehicle. "He asked me how much I wanted for the car," said Valerie. "I told him it wasn’t for sale." However, her initial reluctance did not deter him. His first two offers were soundly rejected with her reply: "I’m sorry. It’s not for sale," she said. "Then he said, ‘$70,000. That’s my final offer.’" And one final time, she turned his offer down. Valerie said that she called her husband, who was at home, to tell him about the offer for Mr. Peabody that she had rejected. "After I told him about it, he told me that he was going to have to get off the phone and go lie down, because I had just given him a headache."

We just finished this project. It's loaded with parts from you. Everything worked well. Just started a new project, '51 Chev pickup this week.

The owner of this '48 5-window is David Rients, Excelsior, MN. It was built by J.W. Enterprises, Lakefield, MN.

Thanks for the excellent parts and support.

Jim Westensee/David Rients
Excelsior, MN

Good morning,

You said something that they might put my car in the 2008 Catalog. I hope so, I'd be so proud!! But if not, that's OK also.

I took a few more pictures with grass underneath the wheels. Thought it would be a better background.

Hope you like these also,

Your friend,

Dannie Hoffer
North Judson, IN

P.S. I won't bother you any more unless I need parts.

I tell everyone about Chevs of the 40's, guys ask where I buy parts.

Thanks for helping me to get the radiator for the 1948 Chevy Stylemaster. It is together and working. Had to have flanges from old radiator put on new unit. Had to do this for space.

Here is the article that our newspaper ran on the 1948. We thought they did a great job.


Jack Chambers
Daleville, IN

Here are some pictures of our '41. This is where all the great parts you have been sending are going. The chopped 2 door is my pride & joy. I did everything all by myself, it is chopped 3-1/4 in. and shortened 6 in. to keep everything in proportion. It is running a Ram Jet 350 with a 5 speed Tremec transmission. All the cars have all the nice stuff, AC, cruise, etc. If you want more or different pictures or info let me know.

Jim Brownson
Orondo, WA

Dear sir,

I have better to send you my pictures gallery of the restoration to my GMC pick up 4x4.
This truck is the result of two years work hard. Starting with chassis GMC - CCKW - 353 - 6x6 , Cab , Fender , hood , front bumper , grills , running board came from a civilian GMC CC451 - 1946 , front and rear axles came from a Dodge WC52 - 1942 , six cylinders engine GMC 270 c.i. , five speed gearbox GMC , transfer case Timken ( split , small ) , two speed , rear bed step side International pick up 1/2 Ton.
These pictures explain better the long process to rebuild this truck. You have supplied to me some parts which contributed in the success of restoration work.
I'm passionate to all American trucks , because when I was child , I assisted the American Normandy Invasion in 1944 during the Second World War.
I want to pay homage to U.S.A to realize the truck of my dreams. I realize a factory to build dump trucks from 1Ton to 60Ton located in Perpignan South of France: Bennes Sempere.

Now I'm 71 years old , I devote my time to my preferred hobby: rebuilding and restoring.
I hope you to enjoy watching pictures gallery.

Best greeting.


It is not very often that I order from a catalog. I have had some very frustrating experiences using your competitors. This last time however was very different. I want to take this opportunity to compliment your organization for a job done very well. Through complete negligence on my part, I had forgotten to get accompanying mounting brackets for some bumpers I had ordered months previous. Part number in hand, I frantically called your number hoping for a miracle. Velvet was my contact person. She was able to call up the old invoice for the bumpers, tell em that I was ordering the wrong part, gave me the correct part number and told me she would check inventory for a possible overnight shipment. Over the course of the day she was kind enough to update me three times by phone. The guys in the warehouse checked inventory and from the way I understand it, were the ones who determined that the ones I really needed were not the ones they were looking for. The ones I did need were in stock and shipped overnight that day. The correct parts arrived with sufficient time to install them on the car. They fit perfectly and look great. Thank you all again for your diligence. I truly appreciate it.


Bill Woinowski

Here are a couple pictures of our Panel Truck which you helped with! The interior is not done, but we're working on it. The outside is completely done & it is beautiful. The cover we ordered at Christmas time fit like a glove. My compliments to you. You are very good at what you do. We're starting on a '55 now, so I'm sorry you can't handle that for us too! If you can, I will be calling. If you use any of these pictures in your catalogs, please let us know or just send us one and bill us. Thanks for all your help.

Becky & Tim Stromquist
Oakland, NE

Special thanks to Velvet and all others who helped me put this 1940 Chevrolet together. It wouldn't have been possible to rebuild this car without all of you and your help buying all of the parts needed. All of the parts were just as good as the originals. I'm sure we will be doing more business in the future.

Thanks again,

Bob Castelveter
Pittsburgh, PA

Sending a photo of my '41 Panel.

350 Small Block, Auto Windows, Auto Door Openers, 700R4 Trans, Nova Rear End, STO Rims


Paul Gerber
Las Vegas, NV

My 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe Coupe was finally completed December 2007. The car drives really well and is powered by a Chevy 350 engine and 350 transmission. Thanks to your staff for supplying the needed parts to get my Chevy assembled. I am very pleased with the car and I am grateful to you and your staff for the courteous attention I received for the past 5 years.

Again, thanks,

Nick Buckroff
Palmdale, CA

P.S. It's a real cruiser and was featured in a local newspaper.

Order received thank you, very nice quality.

Gary Piercey, Olympia, WA

Dear Chevs,

I've just about finished restoring the 1951 coupe utility and I am enclosing some photos which you may be able to use in the catalog.

This utility was bought new by my Dad on 7/24/1952 for 1528 Pounds, which is approximately $3,100 USD. I was only 6 months old. I can't explain the 1952 purchase date but there was a waiting list in Australia at the time.

In the middle 1950's, Dad fitted Deluxe Mouldings and the 1953 Hood & Tailgage emblems. He rebuilt the motor with alloy pistons, 3/4 cam and triple Stromberg carbys on on a McGurk manifold.

I have fitted new pistons and put the single Rochester back on. It was a bit over-carbureted. I may buy a twin carby manifold in the future.

Thanks to Chevs of the 40's for supplying the many parts that are unobtainable in Australia.


Graeme Barker

Chevs of the 40's,

All the parts that we got from you people were just great. It was a long 4 years restoring it. The body shops had me a lot longer than expected. But it is together and me & dad are proud of it.

Thanks again,

Ron & Sonny Chipman
Polan, ME

I wanted to send you this picture and thank you for all your help in getting parts for my uncle's '37 Chevy which we finished up early this summer.

The Bumpers were worth the wait!

Thanks again,

Paul Hilgers
Cross Plains, WI

Last touch on truck window frame (chrome) & wheels. Back to work. For a 66 yr old truck & driver at 66 also. Notice hitch for utility trailer & tools for every day work.


Paul Gerber
Las Vegas, NV

I hope you can use my Chevy in your catalog. 33,000 mile UNRESTORED original car. Thanks for the maintenance parts & trinkets.

Floyd Beck
Wichita, KS

Chevs of the 40's,

I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for all the help and service you provided to me while I was working on my car.

I thought you might like to see photos of the completed car.

It's a 1939 Chevrolet Coupe Master Deluxe.

Thanks again for everything.

Ernie Bolm
Paramus, NJ

I would like to thank you and the other staff for all the help so far in putting my 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aero Sedan back on the road after being in storage for about 14 years. The car was built in South Africa and is a Right Hand Drive (not modified, but factory built). Hope this is of a little interest to you as most people think American cars are always factory built left hand drive!


Dave Hayman
Mallorca SPAIN

Here is a picture of my 1939 Chev Opera Coupe.

I appreciate you handling my orders on parts that I needed and the fine service.

Carl Smith Jr.
McCalla, AL

Thought you and your team might like to see our completed project, started as a Master Deluxe 4-Door sedan, we put in a 2' 6" chassis extension along with removing the trunk shape, we also widened the rear body section to give more space for the back door.

We did a full back to metal restoration, trying to keep as original as possible. The only thing we changed from original is we converted everything to 12 Volt.

It is being used as a hearse in our Funeral Home and has had unprecedented publicity, and requests for use.

Our sincerest thanks to you and the team for all your help, and speedy delivery of the parts I ordered.

Shane Cotton

Thank you and your staff for helping me with my 1940 Chev Pickup. This is about 99% finished.

Tony Tapia
Santa Fe, NM

To whom this concerns

Thank you for all your help and assistance in acquiring the needed parts to rebuild and finish this car.

The staff at Chevs of the 40's were pleasant and very helpful to us. There was one special salesman, his name is Bill, who was especially helpful.

We have started another project car and have already called for assistance.

Thanks again for all your help and assistance.


Donald Chambers
Coquille, OR

Dear Chevs of the 40's,

I've talked to you guys a few times on the phone--ordering stuff or asking questions. Here it is the first week of May and I still haven't sent you this calendar I had made for my friends & family. And really, I had to have more of them made because everybody wanted one! My calendar consists of my 48 Chevy and my son's 63 Biscayne wagon! These are just some of the shows we were in So-Cal (our area). I love your catalogs, great material--it also expands my knowledge about parts. So, when my friends (car buffs) ask about parts--including car swap meets--I give your name!

"My car" us my idea of a California Street Rod of the late 1950's and early 1960's--Street Cruiser--if you will. 350/350--Chevelle front-end--70's Nova rear-end--Bagged--Nosed--Decked--Electric Doors--Electric Seat--Electric Windows--etc. No Wind Wings, Straight glass, 1 pc. windshield, etc.!

I hope you enjoy my calendar, it was made by Staples--very reasonable price--had them made for Christmas presents--that's about it!

Thanks for all the "hard to find" stuff in your catalogs!

Jim Martinez
Fontana, CA

These are a couple pictures of my 37 Suburban. The green one is from California. The other one from Mass/New Hampshire. Bought that one first only because I never saw one. I have since sold it to a man in Oklahoma. As you can see, it was rough but restorable.

Have a nice day

Leon Paradise
Auburn, MA

According to letter from Chevrolet, there were 2286 built on 1/2Ton chassis.

Everyone at Chevs of the 40's has been most helpful for many years on many projects. Customer service is exceptional, back orders are few, parts selection & quality is first rate. Shipping is always prompt.

The catalog information series I.D., paint tables and vehicle drawings are quite handy.

Velvet, you are the best! Thank you.

Maurice Grandquist
Anderson, CA

Photo: 1941 Open Express 1-1/2Ton, 1946 COE pickup conversion

Subject: Customer Service

Message: I hope this gets to Bill's supervisor. I just got off the phone with Bill to place an order, which I have done a couple times before. Bill is always super glad to help, makes me feel comfortable and welcomed, answers the same questions he probably gets all day long with a smile in his voice, and generally is one of the best customer service people I have ever been in contact with. These days customer service is all too often a phrase w/ no meaning or performance behind it. Not so at Chevs of the 40's!

Steve Spehn
Champlin, MN

Chevs of the 40's,

Thanks for the parts help with my 40 Master Deluxe. Time to start on a 41 coupe. Will need more help soon!


Mike Seabolt
Brunswick, GA

P.S. All work was done at my shop; body, paint, interior, etc. Complete build by Mike Seabolt and David Houlton.

To the Crew at Chevs of the 40's,

Just thought I would drop you a couple pictures of my 37 that you helped create. Have always enjoyed seeing what others have done in rebuilds. Some day may drop in to the store, I have a cousin that lives on upper Camano Island, WA and will drop in to see his nice 57 Chev 2-door Hardtop some day.

Keep up the good work and thanks for your service.


Lee Jensen
Bismarck, ND

This is my 46 Panel you helped me with so much. All the transmission parts, lights, turn signals, not to speak of the side mirrors & all the other things you helped me with. Motor mounts and all. Thanks to Bill and Chevs of the 40's, it is done.

Thank you,

Frank Schneider
McKees, PA

Thanks to Chevs of the 40's and the helpful parts department people, I was able to complete my projects.

I purchased the 1941 Chevy truck from a junk yard 12 years ago and tried to restore it with little success. I got it running and had it painted, but it wasn't until I found Chevs of the 40's that I was able to buy the parts I needed to da a complete resto-rod job on it.

February of 2007, I purchased the 1940 Chevy business coupe, in very rusty but complete condition. I did not worry, knowing that Chevs of the 40's would have all the parts and information I would ever need!

It took me just 14 months to finish this restoration, because the parts were so available! Thanks again.

John Moore
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Chevs of the 40's,

We are writing to you, to let you know that without your catalog and personnel, we would not be able to accomplish our dream. Our 1951 Chevy Sedan Delivery needed parts that we could not find until we found out about you. My wife and I would like to thank Bill in parts for all his help and knowledge, and for making our dream come true.

Again, thank you! We won our first trophy, showing it for the first time, Sponsors Choice!


Ron & Naomi Chambell
Brighton, MI
Proud owners of a 1951 Chevy Sedan Delivery

I received today in my home address in Santiago, CHILE, all the items included in this order. As it is usual for items sold by your company, all of them are really superb nice items. Many thanks.

I hope to complete the restoration of my '51 Chevy with the items of this order. According to my records, they should be the last ones needed. If I do not contact you for some time, it means that I am ready for completing the restoration of my car. If I do contact you soon, it means that I am still lacking some parts of the car.

I will send you pictures of my car when it is 100% restored. When you receive the pictures, you can put them in your catalog, web page, etc., etc..

I have purchased from you many parts for restoring my '51 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 4-door Sedab, I placed my first order in June 2005, so my '51 Chevy will be a "Chevs of the 40's" restored car.

Many thanks and best regards,

Juan Saldivia
Santiago, CHILE


I just wanted to thank you all very much for the most easy and efficient parts order that I have ever made from the US. I was very impressed with the ease of use, pictures and descriptions on your website and the parts I ordered arrived exactly as described, quickly and in perfect condition. One of the best companies I have ever dealt with. I WILL be back!

Thanks again,

Mark Littleford
Shropshire, UK

I just wanted to let you know the new part works fine. Thank you for the extra effort in resolving this for me, and in a timely manner. Also, I have enclosed a few pictures of my car. Your catalog has been a tremendous help in the restoration of this car and many parts were supplied by your company. Thanks again.

Tony Salvaggio
Houston, TX

Just wanted to send off these pictures of my father's car to you. I also want to thank you for all your time and help getting this project done, with all of the right parts. These pictures are several months old and the car is now complete except the interior. My father and I have been driving it all around. I will send off the final exterior pictures as soon as I can get them off my camera. I didn't think restoring this car would be as pain free as it was. your company has been great and your help is priceless, I couldn't have done it as fast without your help.

Thank you again,

Luke Ammann
Sonoma, CA

Dear Chevs,

Enclosed are a few pictures of my finished '51 Chevrolet 2-door sedan. This was my mother's car and at her death, it came to me. The car was a Styleline Special (plain jane). We collected parts whenever and wherever they could be found--Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and of course, "Chevs of the 40's" in Vancouver, Washington. As you can see, the car is now a Deluxe model.

Thank you for all your help, wonderful service, and the great parts to complete this project. The '51 took "Best Restored Auto" in our car show last fall.

Thank you,

Dick Stosich
Twin Falls, ID

Hello All!

You've been a lot of help over the past four year while I was building my '49 Fleetline custom cruiser -- I wanted to send you my thanks, along with a few pictures. This was the car I was planning to build back in the sixties...interrupted by marriage and raising four young'uns...finally built. It is fast, very smooth riding and as quiet inside as a new car. Everything I wanted it to be.

This was 100% garage-built (except for the upholstery work), a body-off frame project with well over 500 hours of expert bodywork by my good friend Ken (that's his garage in one of the pictures). I used Chassis Engineering front and rear suspensions, and the drive train is sort of unusual--a 267 cu. in. small block from an '80 Malibu, 350 tranny, and mid-70's Gran Prix rear end. That's a two barrel hiding under that '50 Olds air cleaner, and we're getting 24 MPG down the road. If a stock '49 were sitting next to it, the subtle modifications we've done would begin to be apparent, and there are a lot of them. The fender skirts we created, to echo the beautiful flowing lines of the car, and the '50 Ford tail lights (turned vertical instead of horizontal) were something I had in mind for a long time...

I am enclosing a list of leftovers that I'm hesitant to throw away if anyone might have use for them--these cars are becoming scarce around here! If you see anything that you might want, or want to ask any questions about, leave me a phone message and I'll get back to you ASAP. The price is simply paying the postage. Oh, and if anyone there would like to see a CD with something like 150 pictures of the build, ask and I'll burn you a copy and send it (no charge).

Thanks again for your contributions to make this dream come true!

Ron Thuma
Hartford, KS

Thanks for all parts to restore my 1/2Ton Chevy truck. Enclosed you find some pictures from my truck. It was a lot of fun to restore it.


Volker Hennig

You've bought an old Chevy.
You have lots of anticipation.
You want it to receive.
A full restoration.

Whether it's a 2 or 4 door.
A truck or a wagon.
You have every right.
On it to be braggin'.

As you do this project.
You'll acquire many nightmarish stories.
But here's a great help.
Call Chev of the 40's.

They have a great staff.
Enough can't be said.
Call Chevs of the 40's.
You'll be glad that you did.

Your Chevy is completed.
It's ready to go.
Look at the crowd it's drawn.
At it's first car show.

On your beautiful restoration.
You'll get lots of lordy lordys.
And like many others.
Give thanks to Chevs of the 40's.

poem by Danno

Danny "Danno" Bennett
Grantsboro, NC

P.S. Thanks to the staff at Chevs of the 40's, keep up the good work.


I want to thank you for the quick and professional responses regarding this order.

Everything was received in a timely manner, and the product was actually better than I expected.

Thanks again,

Dave Wilson
Attleboro, MA

Hi Chevs,

I want to take time out and thank you for all your help. Here's a couple pictures to show you what you helped me put together. I could not have done it without you.

Thanks for everything,

Fred Thomas
Stone, GA

Chevs of the 40's,

Thanks for all your help over the last 5 years. Here's the finished product.

Thanks again,

Chris Diedrich
Jacksonville, FL


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I like my new 41 grille.

It's a super piece, very well done, fits like a glove and it belongs on a car much nicer than mine...but...

Thanks for the help and your patience and use the picture as you see fit.


Don Wade
Brandon, MS

Chevs of the 40's,

Just a note to thank you for all the help in restoring my '41 Chevy.

A real big thank you to Velvet.

Here's a couple of photos to show how it turned out.

Don Ice
Grants Pass, OR


Enclosed are pictures of my 1950 Chevrolet Convertible. I hope you enjoy them. I sure enjoy the car.

Thanks for all your help.

Don Gosma
W. Lafayette, IN


I am sending you some photos of my 1937 Chev Cabriolet. You supplied some of the parts for this car, many thanks for helping to complete this restoration. Car was purchased in late 1961, driven a couple of years and then retired in my garage. Finished 11/2008. Chevrolet only made 2,156 Convertibles in USA and 42 in Canada, according to the letter I have from Chevrolet.

Markel Rose
Gambrills, MD


We have finally finished work on my 1938 Chev Coupe and want to thank you for all your help. Chevs of the 40's is a great company to do business with.


Harold Brown
Marion, NC

Neil's Custom Body Shop did the work on the car.

P.S. I am returning the ferrule tool, and you can have the pictures of the car. I have had this car for 16 years. Thanks for your help.

These are some pictures of my 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe. It is my first car I have ever owned. I have bought & installed several Chevs of the 40's parts. I would be grateful if you would take a look at the pictures included and consider featuring them in your catalog. Thank you for your time.

Paul Trammel
Grand Tower, IL

To whom it may concern:

Thanks to all of you for the many parts you helped me on getting them for my '50 Chevy. All of you were very professional in dealing with.


Bob Russell
Dayton, OH

Dear Chevs of the 40's,

This is what we've been working on for several years. I couldn't have done it without the help of Chevs of the 40's. I really appreciate all the help I have received from all of you and the service I have received from all of you at Chevs of the 40's.

I sure hope my picture or pictures get published.

Thank you,

Frank Pressley
Canton, NC

Dear Chevs,

Thanks so much for all of your help over the years, above and beyond my expectations. Your help was invaluable.


Pete Friesen
Portage, CANADA

Hello Chevs of the 40's,

Here I am sending you a picture of me an my 1952 Chevy Deluxe. I want to thank you and all the staff at Chevs of the 40's for helping me get all the parts I need for my 52 Chevy Deluxe. I am enclosing some photos which you may be able to use in your new catalog.

Thank you Chevs of the 40's.

Juan Villarreal
San Marco, TX

Dear Chevs of the 40's,

I am sending you a picture of my 41 Chevy Streetrod. My 2 year old grandson spent many evenings sitting on my lap with a Chevs of the 40's catalog looking for just the right parts. Many a time he would point at a picture and say "Wow", or "What's that?" A future Chevs of the 40's customer in the making. From patch panels to parking lights, you have been a big help to bring my 41 Chevy back to life.

Thank you,

Donney Marshall
Willis, VA

Extremely satisfied with order (Gas tank, Sending unit, etc.). Quality and fit beyond superb. Installed in 1948 Canadian Pontiac (Uses Chevy Frame & Body). You have a customer for life!


Pete Dickash
Buffalo, NY


I purchased my 1950 Chevrolet Coupe Deluxe for $50 in teh summer of 1965 at Mountain Grove, MO. It's owner was an old gentleman who had let it fall into disrepair beyond what I could imagine!

I was the high school principal at Mansfield, MO, and was lucky enough to have had a student in school whose parents owned a junked 1949 Chevrolet 6-passenger sedan. The car sat out in an open pasture, and I was able to "cannibalize" several parts off of it to begin restoring this little treasure.

The car has undergone several improvements which have made it a pleasure to drive on a Sunday afternoon down the highways of northwest Arkansas.

I owe much to Chevs of the 40's, it's great staff and to my very capable and accommodating mechanic, Bill Adkins, for helping me keep the automobile in real good shape!

Keep up your capable and much-appreciated work for those of us who love these old vehicles!


Bill Ray Lewis
Harrison, AR


I am attaching a pic or two of the '46 3/4Ton that I finally finished and the '37 for which I am about to begin.

The '37 was my high school pickup that I drove for years, it currently has a 283 V8 with four two barrel carburetors mounted on an edelbrock manifold. I am not sure if I am going to keep that configuration or go back to something more original.

The '46 was finished last year and has been a great driver. I did upgrade the engine to a 261 ci, which really runs great. Otherwise the drive train is original.

Thanks for all you do. A new catalog tailored to the '37 Truck would be great to have.

Greg McCaffrey
Portola, CA

Senores: from the Chevs of the 40's

How can I ever thank you, without your help my 1941 Chev Special Deluxe Coupe would still be a piece of junk.

Thanks for being there for us. I do not know what I would have done without your help.

Gracias tu amigo,

Manny Ortega
Las Cruces, NM

Here's pictures of my 50. 28,000 miles, no patch panels, still original 3 on tree 216 cu. in. All parts I needed, Chevs of the 40's was EXCELLENT on parts & delivery of items.

Thanks, I love IT!!! 47 next.

Jimmy Manning
Stanfor, KY

Hey, it's a CHEVROLET after all, NOT a Citroen!

I am most impressed with the great service at Chevs of the 40's. Looking forward to a visit next time we cross the Columbia River. Too bad I didn't know about you when we lived in Olympia, WA for 7 years. But, I didn't have the Fleetmaster then.

Hope you all have a fine 4th of July!


Jim Pissot

These are the pictures of the truck at the show. Note: I painted the '46 Indian the same color as the truck.

I need that piece of chrome on the dash of the truck, but I didn't see it in your catalog.

I sure will miss Bill when he retires. Thanks for all you have done for me.

Frank Schneider
McKees, PA


Finally finished the 1939 Chev 3/4Ton stake body pickup! This was a 6 year project. Thanks for all your help with the many, many parts that helped make this project possible. One of the ladies I talked to suggested I send a picture when the truck was finished as the picture hopefully might make it into a future catalog.

Thanks again,

Jerry & Adell Laurin
Trevor, WI

Chevs of the 40's,

Thanks for the outstanding parts catalog you put out and your people like Velvet, Brad and Dale. With their knowledge it makes it easy for me when I order parts.

Thanks again,

Eddie Cobos
Ventura, CA

Hi Chevs & staff,

Just thought I'd send you some pictures of the 1950 Woody you all helped restore. My husband started to restore it, but lost his battle with cancer before he got it done. So, I finished the car in his honor.

The interior is African Mahogany wood, Camel seats with Burgundy piping. The name "Woody" is stitched in the front seat.

A 235 cu in. 6 cylinder was put in & the 216 cu in. is in the shop. I just wanted to thank all of you. I know my Moe is looking down on it, with a big smile.

Iris Van Dorn
Spokane, WA

Hi there folks!

Just thought you may appreciate the end results to all those "orders" I placed wtih you! Just a few wee bits here and there and it's ready for delivery next week! Thank you for your very prompt and efficient service with the parts.


Ian Chamberlain

Dear Chevs & all Staff,

Thank you for making my Chevy the best around, I couldn't have done it without you.

Dale, if you go to page 24 and have a read, you'll see a good write up and your name mentioned.

You're all the best.


Rt. Hon. Lord Brian A. Irving

Dear Sir,

My name is Paul Nuzum, I live in Phillipsburg, KS.

I have been a customer for about 4 yrs. I have been very happy with your service. I really like the 1940 laser cut grille. Here are some pictures of the 1940 Chev I have been working on.

If you would like to use these pictures in your catalog, that would be fine.


Paul Nuzum
Phillipsburg, KS

P.S. If you do use my pictures, send me the catalog.


Enclosed is a couple of pictures of my 1940 Chev. I purchased from Chevs of the 40's; the front wing tips (used) for a 1941 Chev. I had them re-chromed ; the firm who rechromed them also welded the front using TIG (holes) closed where the bases went through. I found the rear wing tips from a guy in NJ. After rechroming I mounted them on my 1940 Chev. The plating shows they didn't fit tight byt with a little tugging they fit perfect 100%. Thanks to you guys, I made my 40 Chev improve.

I did not get a 2010 Catalog from you as of yet. I found an independent businessman who has reproduced the shark tooth wheel covers for 1940-41 in Stainless Steel. I purchased them . They're sharp. If interested, his address is: Bill Roberson, 418 E. Broad St. B-1, Cookeville, TN 38501 Phone: (931) 537-9357 Cell: (931) 261-6929

Best regards,

Carl Ney Jr.
Ashland, PA

Just wanted to thank your company and staff for all of your help over the last 6 years on my 1937 Chevy Coupe Pickup project. I purchased a lot of items and was unsure of how many items worked but Brad was a big help in explaining the products. I would like to send you a picture if you can send me an email address.

Thanks very much,

Mike Campbell
Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you for providing the parts and info to restore my 49 Chevy Deluxe. Here are some pics of it. The engine is a 1956 Chevy 235 cid, 3 speed overdrive trans, '83 S-10 pickup rear, she gets around 23 miles to the gallon. It's been upgraded to a 12 volt elec. system. It has a few custom touches on it like shaved door handles, trunk, hoot and tail lights. The interior is also custom, along with the trunk area. Again, thank you very much for having the parts I needed.

Randy Tippit
Antioch, CA


I want to thank you for helping me get parts for my 1940 Chevy.

If you can do me a favor, and put my pictures in the next catalog I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you,

Clarence Pino
Phoenix, AZ

I really appreciate all of the assistance that everyone at Chevs of the 40's have provided the past few years. This is the end product after three years of working on a "hull" of a '40 Chevy Coupe. It took "Best in Class" in the first (and only) local car show that it has been shown.

It is powered by a small block 350. It has an A/C (Texas heat), power steering, and power brakes.

Once again, thanks for everyone's assistance.

Gary Merryman
Ft. Worth, TX

Hi Chevs,

I truly appreciate your help & promptness. By the way, I ordered some parts from another company in early Oct., and I'm still waiting on them. You have just gained all of my business.

Tonk Chester

The grilles arrived today and they are just perfect, thank you so much. They will set the car off and make it something special, there are only a few '39 Sloper Coupes left out of the 200 made and this one will be the very best in the country, I am sure. It is nearly ready for paint, so expect a photo when that is done.

Again, thank you from a very happy hot rodder.

Rod Edwards


Thank you for talking with me today. As I mentioned, my wife and I had ordered many items from Bill for our 1937 Chevrolet. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, we had to sell the car and the new owner got it yesterday. Incidentally, I gave him a Chevs of the 40's catalog.

We did not need or use four items that are enclosed.

Thank you very much,


Earl Pfettscher
Newburgh, IN

Dear Chevs of the 40's,

Please consider these pics of our '39 Chevy Pro Street. This car is a driver and not a trailer queen!!!

In the short time that we have owned it, we have taken may trophies including "Best of Show" & "Best Pro Street".

We will continue to buy parts from you as we have before.

Keep up the good work from a great company.

Thanks again,

Dale Dean Sr.
Karla Murphy

P.S. Have a great holiday.

Many thanks for organizing and sending photos of parts I was inquiring about. A pic is worth a thousand words, and they are exactly the parts I was hoping for, so an order will be made in the next couple days. I've had good service from the co. in the past & you guys are living up to that standard. Once again, many thanks.


Torin White

Chevs of the 40's,

I want to thank you for all the great parts and outstanding service. Your staff member Velvet was extremely kind and helpful. I highly recommend your catalog to ALL.

Thank you,

Alfredo & Rosie Aldape
Salinas, CA

I wanted to say thank you for the courtesy that you have extended to me. You could have reacted in a different manner and lost a customer. However, you have made me a "customer for life" with your professionalism. Please accept my sincere thanks and pass this on to the powers above.

Thanks again,

Andre Peltz
Ft. Myers, FL

Here's ths 1940 Chev with all your parts. Thanks. There's also one pic of the 1950 we delivered last week.

Chris Lyons
Lyons Kustom
Chappell Hill, TX

Hi Guys,

I'd be stoked if you decided to use my Fleetline for any form of advertising you like. NZ Hot Rod magazine did a full feature on the car as well as putting it on the cover of their April issue. I would be delighted to post you a copy of it if you'd like one. Greg from NZ Hot Rod has also done a feature on the car (parked on a local beach - may be the pics you have) for the Beach Hop Pictorial magazine that comes out next month. Your site has been heaps of help--keep up the great work!


Scot Robertson
Owner 48 Chev Fleetline - Best Overall Car, 2011 NZ Beach Hop

1938 Deluxe Business Coupe

Your picture--do not need it back.

Many thanks for your help with the car.

Johnny Beitler
Burlington, WA

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service for my 41 Chev truck restoration. First time, EVER, that my parts were here, before I needed them.

Larry Sievers
Lincoln City, OR

Here are a couple pictures of my 1954 Chevy 2-door 210. Color is Seafoam Green, (70's or 80's Ford, ugh, color), original engine, rally wheels, new dark green interior, striping, dual exhaust and all new chrome. Hope you like it! We do and it runs like a top! Thanks for the parts from Chevs of the 40's!

Patrick Bown

Just want to say thanks for all the help you have given me in building my 1938 Chevy, fenders and running boards all done, body as you can see is ready and in the paint shop.

You have gone above & beyond in helping me, you made sure to contact me even on parts that were on backorder, couldn't have done the car without your help.

I asked your opinion on the grille and some other items, you were right on every time.

Will send you some pictures when completed.

Steven Jones
Mannford, OK


My grille arrived today, and I am sleeping with it under my pillow, special thanks to Jay for all his help, one satisfied customer here in Albuquerque, got your catalog, so you haven't gotten rid of me yet.

Thanks again guys,

Paul Lopez
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Chevs of the 40's (esp. Velvet),

Enclosed are some pics of my '50 Chevy. After 7 plus yrs of dealing with your super company ordering parts/advice, it is finally finished.

A special thanks to Velvet for all her help.


Bob Olivari
Poway, CA

Finally finished my 38 Chevy Coupe, here are some pictures I took last night. Will send you some good pictures in the daylight soon. Thanks again for all your help, couldn't have done it without you.

Steven Jones
Mannford, OK

Hey Chevs,

I just wanted to let you know that I love Chevs FaceBook posts. I really enjoy reading the info and answering the questions and I am so happy to see a company using this social networking site to get out the message of new parts and generate interest. Good job!

Tammy Pritchett


Sorry no computer working. I may be too late for your cover selection, but maybe a place in your catalog. I have gotten many things of you people, and more in the future. The pictures have info on back of what you see many years & money in this product.

Thank you,

Bill & Dot Bowen
Navarre, OH

Hi Chevs,

Thought you would all like to see the finished product at last, this is the car, I bought at the Portland Swap Meet in 1986 from Mr. Ron Wade!!!!!! Thanks for all your help over the years, it was good doing business with you...


Trevor Gill
Vernon, B.C. CANADA

Article in local newspaper:

In 1941, Trevor Gill was born north of London in England. The 1941 Chevrolet convertible was manufactured in Detroit.
The two would not meet until 1986.
Gill grew up to be fascinated with cars, got his first car, a 1939 Hillman in 1958, became a licensed heavy duty mechanic, married Carol, and came to Canada in 1968.
“I bought my first old car, a 1941 Chevy coupe in 1971. I just like the style of old cars. I had an antique Model T at one time and I restored a 1922 McLaughlin, a Canadian-made car. I was always buying and selling cars,” said Gill.
He restored a 1964 Cadillac convertible which ended up being sold to a collector in Denmark.
He bought the Chevy convertible in 1986 from a vintage car dealer in Portland, Oregon. It was rusted, with no front fender, no top and no hood but Gill saw the beauty it could become.
“I completely disassembled it. I knew where there was a good rust-free floor, it was the same as the other Chevy 1941 models and I put the frame on the new floor. It seems like a lot of work and it was, but it was the easiest way of doing things,” said Gill, who found parts from catalogues, other restorers, swap meets, and from his own parts inventory. A friend got him the hood ornament from a farmer in North Dakota for $10. “Me being a sort of handy guy, I could do most things. I rebuilt the engine and transmission and fitted all the chrome trim, which was the originals re-chromed.
“It took a long time but I was working and we remodeled a house over those years. And restoring cars is a money pit.”
He bought upholstery kits for the top and the inside of the car. The glass is new, the tires are reproductions, and he had an artist paint hand-paint the dashboard to look as it had in the original car. He had the body work and painting professionally done.
“I know of only one other car like this in Western Canada. They were never made in Canada and there were only 15,000 of them made. A lot of them were hot-rodded in the 1950s, raced and smashed up,” said Gill.
“This is really nostalgic for me in another way, too. 1941 was the year Louis Chevrolet died and I always wanted a Chevrolet convertible. I sort of bonded with it for awhile. I’d work really hard on it then leave it when I didn’t have enough money to go on. Sometimes when something wasn’t right, I’d walk away from it for awhile. If you are going to do something like this, you want to to it right.
“Then I realized that this year the car is going to be 70 and so am I so, if I don’t get going, I’m not going to need it. So I decided to get it done in time for the show this year.”
The North Okanagan chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada sponsors the Annual Father’s Day Car Show.
“It gives people a chance to see the old cars and we always get a lot of people out and a lot of positive comments. And the old car guys get a chance to meet and swap stories. It’s a very social hobby. We meet a lot of people as members of the car club.”
The show is the club’s only fundraiser and is used to provide two $500 bursaries for local high schools, one for an auto body apprenticeship and one for an automotive mechanic apprenticeship.
“It’s an accomplishment to do this, isn’t it?” he said, looking fondly at the shining ivory car.
“I don’t think I’ll restore any more cars. I have an old tractor I’d like to work on.”
But there’s an old car body behind the shop. The next challenge?
The 17th Annual Father’s Day Car Show, sponsored by the North Okanagan Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada, features antiques, classics, trucks and custom cars. The show takes place June 19 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the north end of the Village Green Centre parking lot. There will be music, food, door prizes, awards and 50/50 draws. Admission is by donation. For more information, call Don at 250-549-8469.
A Chevrolet is born
Louis Chevrolet was born in 1878 to a Swiss family and learned mechanics in France. He worked briefly in Montreal and New York City and was a race car driver, competing in the Indianapolis 500 four times between 1905 and 1920. He was the co-founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company in 1911.
Chevrolet lost his fortune in the 1929 stock market crash and went to work as a line mechanic in a Chevrolet factory in Detroit. He died in Detroit in 1941. The cars that bear his name went on to be part of North American popular culture myth.
By Cara Brady - Vernon Morning Star
Published: June 10, 2011 1:00 AM

FAST SHIPPING!!!! ((CHEVS NOTE: We are located in Vancouver, WA, right next to Portland, OR--so fast shipping to Oregon is fairly normal))

I just want to say thank you for your super-sonic shipping. I can't believe I am receiving my order the next day!! WOW! I made the mistake of ordering some intake gaskets from Autozone...It took about 5 days to process the order and another week for the gaskets to arrive...won't do that again. You guys are first on my list!

Steve Rabjohn
Applegate, OR

I forgot to give you my info. It's a 1946 Fleetline with a 1969 327/350, Camaro rearend, original colors, coker tires, wood grain dash.
And thanks to you guys, my cars wouldn't look like they do now. Keep up the good work.

Alex Lamas
Pueblo, CO

Wow! Thank you, Chevs of the 40's rocks. I tell everyone that Chevs of the 40's is the place to shop and every experience has been great. Your attention to customer service is second to none, and I am in the customer service business.

Keep charging!

Tom Dowd
Bothell, WA

Hello Chevs,

This is my 1951 Chevy, waiting for the new parts! Look the license plate I got: FBI 1951! This car was restored in 1992, with parts from Chevs of the 40's! Please see if it is possible to print a photo in the next catalog.

I remember Ida (Chevs sales staff) sent the wiring harness to me in a hotel room in Miami during 1993 and that I bought the air filter from a junkyard in Florida. From Ron H. in New Smyrna Beach, I bought a Rochester carburetor that is still working flawlessly.

Best regards,

Osmar Burchhardt
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Will you be at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville 30 July-3 August, and what stand number? Can I buy the catalogs there, as I am planning a trip abroad to attend the show.

Herman Prinsloo

Looking for a set of headlights for a 1937 Chevy + 1931-32 Tail Lights (complete) - Building a Street Rod for my son.


Thanks for all your help.

Vince Lauro
San Pedro, CA

Placed my first order. Nice website. 1948Chevy.com sent me. Thanks.

Deen Brecht

Hi Chevs,

Thanks for your courtesy and taking my order this morning for the WS rubber, etc. on the '50 Fleetline. Here's a few photos I said I would send to you.

Jack Jenkins
50's Chevys


Just a few photos of the finished coupe. Thanks again for all your help with parts.

The Coupe runs a 350 cu in. and TH350 auto. It has Jaguar independent rear suspension and Holden front suspension. It was assembled new at the GM plant in New Zealand in 1937 and is right hand drive.


Kevin Wilde
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

46 Chevy Fleetmaster. Thanks for all your help!

Michael Neal
Nashville, TN

On Sunday 10/12 I attended a VCCA car show in Tustin, CA. I was fortunate to win an award that Chevs of the 40's sponsored.

Thanks for the award and the club's support.

Michael Welch
VCCA member
San Pedro, CA

Chevs of the 40's,

We thank you so muych for being there for us as we purchased most of the parts we needed from you. Because of you, it was possible for me to finally finish this beautiful work of past-time art.

Thank you,

Paul Rodriguez
Monument, CO

Chevs of the 40's,

Just a short note to thank you for all your help through the year, it is very much appreciated. Also Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and your families.

Best wishes and regards,

Rob De Lai

Thanks again for 5 years of providing good service and advice to my car. Your staff are terrific and most helpful!

Thanks again,

Nick Buckroff
Palmdale, CA

Hi Chevs,

I am sending this email to THANK YOU for all you have done as this has been a 4 yr. project and it is now completed. Your knowledge and understanding has made this endeavor much more enjoyable than what it could have been. I have picture of the car that just came home yesterday for the first time. I lost track of how many $$$$$ was spent with Chevs of the 40's but it was well worth it.

I know I will be back for odds and ends,

Thank you again,

Joe Schall
Spring City, PA


The 1951 Chev 1/2Ton Truck total restoration was completed last week and delivered to the customer. Everyone is delighted with the result, 2 years in the making. 99% of the parts came from you.

Thanks for your help,

Randall Fehr Restorations
Seattle, WA

Hi Chevs,

I just want to let you know that all items ordered arrived safe and sound a week ago today. I am very happy w/ the products & service you provided and will gladly pass on your website to all who ask me for information.

Thank you for a great service.

Cheers for now,

Ian Macgregor

It's good to see you are still up and running despite the economic debacle. I will be ordering stuff from you as soon as I can get to it. I have already received the floor pans quite some time ago. They appear to be of good quality. Thanks again!

James Skittrall
Bothell, WA

Hello again,

I don't know if you recall me, I am in New Zealand and ordered a lot of Chevy items from you for my 51 BelAir last year.

I wanted to check with you if you still have my details on record, as I need to order some more parts.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Kevin Middleton

P.S. Have added a picture of my car.

I received the correct headliner material and am very thankful for all the help. I will definitely have Chevs of the 40's on the credits for the car.

Thank you again for all the help.

Sam Camilli
Tomball, TX

I'd like to thank you guys at Chevs of the 40's, it's been a pleasure doing business with you!

Steve Robertson
Escondido, CA

Hi Chevs,

My items were delivered yesterday and I'm very happy with all the stuff you sent me. Thanks a lot and certainly I'm going to keep buying with you guys.


Christian Bernal

Awesome! Thanks for the info. I'll chat with the team and decide shortly.

Here's a snap of what we have going on down on South Blvd. -- a lotta Chevs of the 40's parts went into it, as you know.

Kind regards,

Gordon Meacham
San Diego, CA

Hi Chevs,

I got the email. Thanks for all your help, we have restored several old Chevs using parts from you guys.

In the past, we have had our customer order the parts.

Thanks again,

David Hudson
Hudson Automotive, Inc.
Climax, NC

Hello Chevs of the 40's,

Just a short note to let you know I have received the engine mounts.

Your service has been terrific again, I have now purchased from you a few times and have been pleased with the result on each occasion.

Keep up the good work.

Have a good day,

Ron Robinson

You guys are awesome! By the time I am finished with this frame up restoration, I will probably need to put a Chevs of the 40's sticker on it. Thanks for taking care of me. When it is all done, I plan on driving my rebuilt 50 Skyline Deluxe to the West Coast from Austin, TX. I will definitely come by and see you all. More orders to come, and I will surely recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks for all your help and having the parts I need,

Ted Hodgkiss
Georgetown, TX

Enclosed are pics of my 40 Sedan Delivery. Thanks for all the help on parts for my other Chevs in the past.

Best Regards,

Larry Gile
Lake Havasu City, AZ

1940 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery, 427 Big Block, 400 Transmission, 10 Bolt Rearend, Front Disc Brakes, Rear Drum Brakes, Dual Exhaust, A/C. PW, Power Doors, VDO gauges, Tilt wheel, Tinted Windows, Cloth Bucket Seats.

Additionally, I want to tell you how great your site is. Finding parts for my 54 210 isn't the easiest and the kids and I are really enjoying restoring ours.


Patrick Hewitt
Ft. Collins, CO

Dear Chevs,

As first I would like to thank you for your excellent support & for your interest in my 39 Chevy project. As promised, find the attached pictures--how it looks now and one of how it will be after I finish it (only as an impression).

Thank you again, and best regards from GERMANY,

Igor Pavlovic


I just finished the article on your great looking 41 Convertible. Quick question, on top of your valve cover there's an item, what is that?

My 41 Coupe is nice (thanks in part to Chevs of the 40's) and I have used many pictures of your car to bring mine back to stock.

I also wanted to congratulate you on the fine marketing & advertising campaign for your company. Very well done. Nice strong image, catchy and well-placed ads.

Keep up the good work & enjoy the ride,

Michael Welch
VCCA Member
San Pedro, CA

Received my first two boxes from you yesterday, and never realized that you were only 4 hours away. Arrived in great time & the packaging, wow, best I've seen in years, the filler cardboard was somebody's great idea


Robert O'Brion
Hermiston, OR


A+ customer service. I paid a little more going with you "Chevs of the 40's" rather than Classic Industries but this email and fast response time, well worth it. Thanks.

I being in the US Coast Guard meaning not much money to spend on what I love doing on my 47 Chev truck have to make every dollar count. I see that it was worth it.

Chris Jewett
Petaluma, CA

I have been driving my '46 Chevy 1/2Ton truck ("Nellie") since 1971, and I'm very fond of her (totally original). I lost an original 64 year old hubcap and don't like to drive her if she's not looking good. I ordered a set of 4 Stainless Steel hubcaps for $117 (more than I paid for the truck in 1971) and was somewhat skeptical of what I would recieve. They are absolutely beautiful--Nellie will look awesome. Thanks. What nice parts!!!

John Beck
Lancaster, PA

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service once again. My order took less than 1 week to make it to me here in the UK! The website is very clear and easy to use, I was kept informed of the progress of my order and it was all as described when it arrived.

The family company I work for sells agricultural sundries via a website and it is your company that I will be attempting to model it on -- hope you don't mind!?!

I know how much I appreciate positive feedback, so wanted to pass some on to you. Well done to all your team.

Best regards,

Mark Littleford
Shropshire, UK

Thanks so much for the photos, I really appreciate it. They are exactly what I was looking for, they will be very helpful. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I am an over the road driver, so I don't get to my emails very quickly.

Again, thank you.

Dale Mart
Stansbury, UT

Attention Velvet,

I dealt with you earlier and you asked me to email you a picture when we were close to being done. Thanks to you and your company's help, we are almost completed and thought we would ship you this picture. Wanted to thank you for all your help.

Rick Taylor
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Today I received the replacement 216 cu in. Chevy six cylinder head gasket and the intake/exhaust manifold gasket set. They arrived safely and intact in a much thicker box. THANK YOU 8/17/2010

I would like to email you a few pictures of my 1937 4-door Master model GB 1219 Sport Tourning Sedan, 5 passenger. My Grandfather bought it new in 1937 and when he died in 1959, I inherited the car. I drove it for 2 years in high school then 2 years of college. In 1965, worried about the 65 mph freeway speeds to college (250 miles away) my parents bought me a new V8 Chevelle. My 37 has resided in storage until 2009. Then, I redid the brakes entirely and have been using the car for summer recreation since. Currently I am re-coring the radiator and flushed and vacuumed "silt" out of the block cooling chamber. I really appreciate the QUALITY SERVICE & QUALITY PARTS I HAVE CONSISTENTLY RECEIVED FROM CHEVS OF THE 40'S.

John Parkinson
Cleveland, OH


Well Bill, the project is completed. Since we spent so much time on the phone together and your input was very helpful, I thought you might like to see some pics of the final product. Thanks to you and your company for all your help. Feel free to use the pics for promotion if you would like.

Jack Farnsworth
Bellevue, WA

Ron Wade and staff,

My builder and myself would like to extend a big thank you and congratulations on your exceptional service on my build. Between the two of us we have ordered several times and the experience has been top notch. One of the best companies I have dealt with on my builds. I have 4 cars on the go and it is nice to be able to rely on your company to do what it says and supply top quality parts. I will still be needing nick nacks to finish and am looking forward to the wheels arriving. Keep up the good work and please pass along a thank you to everyone at Chevs of the 40's.


Guy Gendreau
Yorkton, SK, CANADA

I would just like to thank you for the excellent service and fast delivery when I ordered my parts. I look forward to dealing with you for the rest of the parts I need. And thanks for the catalog, it's excellent.

Many thanks,

Dave Drew

I live in Uruguay, Rocha City (on Atlantic) and I am restoring a 1940 Chevrolet Coupe. A hug and keep in touch.

Pereira Onelli
Rocha City, URUGUAY

Very speedy delivery. Thanks so much.

David Vanderlaan
Mulino, OR

Hi Chevs,

Under this last years I have bought some parts from Chevs of the 40's & this is what I have built. It's a 53, I suppose you already see that :-), and I have done a frame off resto with Airride, 250 cu in. Chevrolet inliner and I have put a TH200R4 after the six shooter and a Camaro axle in the back. Inside, I have used a front seat and back seat from '65 T-bird, a friend of mine did the upholstery, and a steering wheel from '59 Chevy and you can see that I have custom made the instruments. I have frenched both front and back lights and added teeth in the grille. I chose a color from Audi, it's a red pearl and on the roof I have used a lace on goldflakebottom.

With this picture and words, I want to wish you and your staff a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bengt Forsberg

Thank you.

Pedro Sirvent
Seville, SPAIN

Dear Chevs of the 40's

Thank you for giving me the new windows for my 1954 Chevy Truck after the devastation of what had happened to my truck. But thanks to you, me and my dad are one step closer to having my truck restored. Because it takes people with heart of gold to give me hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of windows on my truck so it could be replaced. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I will keep you updated on my truck's restoration.


Just-n Thyme Catron

The story:

Here is a picture from the KOIN6 TV news coverage. This is the truck that was damaged in the tornado in Aumsville in December 2010.

It is owned by a 13 year old boy named Just-n Thyme Catron. His father Vincent Catron got the truck with his son as a father & son project. The boy was heartbroken when the tornado damaged his beloved truck.

I saw the KOIN6 TV news coverage and realized that their truck was a year of vintage Chevy truck that we sell parts for--a 1954 Chevy 3/4 ton. Our company, Chevs of the 40ís, specializes in 1937-1954 Chevrolet Cars and Trucks. We searched to try to find out the owner of that truck. Tried Aumsville City Hall, Aumsville Police Dept., and finally someone from an Aumsville Church identified the father Vincent Catron. I made contact and told them that our owner Ron Wade had decided to donate the parts to fix their truck. Needless to say, they were overjoyed to hear that we would do that.

Just-n Thyme Catron & Vincent Catron Just-n Catron is in school and he doesnít get home and off the school bus until 3:40pm. We (Ron Wade & I) plan to be there from about 3pm on in Aumsville.

This house is at basically 4th & Cleveland downtown Aumsville. Aumsville City Hall is at 6th & Church, which is about 2 blocks away. We would love to have the Senator be involved in getting this boy & his father the parts to fix their truck. It would be a good opportunity for Senator Wyden to meet some constituents who
experienced the Aumsville Tornado damage firsthand.

Received another order today, more than satisfied, also had a note in it about you wanting to keep your customers happy.

So far I think you're great, will continue to order as I need parts for my 39 Chev.

Too bad you're so far away, as you know when a person orders parts they want it the same day, you're so far away it takes a week with UPS, but so far everything great.


Jim May
Hernando, MS

My 1952 Chevy. Attached is a recent photo of my not-yet-completed 1952 Chevrolet 2-Door Hardtop. It contains a lot of CHEVS OF THE 40'S parts. The services given over the yrs & quality of parts greatly reduced the frustrations of building a car like this. It still requires much of the stainless trim pieces and all of the upholstery. It was entered into a car show in Corpus Christi last Memorial Day in a class as "UNFINISHED" and won it's class. Needless to say, I am looking forward to competing again this year in the same class, and yes, it will still be unfinished.

Thanks again for the great service and quality parts, I will be in need of more as this project continues.

F.S. "Nick" Nichols, Jr.
Pleasanton, TX


'41 Special Deluxe--retrieved from 26 years in a barn in Black Hills, TX, one owner...almost all restoration parts from Chevs of the 40's...body is stock with a '63 235 cu in. engine bored 0.080" with two 2-BBL Holleys, Fenton headers and quiet mufflers, rear end is from a '54 Chevy automatic, wide 15" tires on original Chevrolet "artillery" wheels.

Thanks to all at "Chevs" for all your help,

Don Manen
Floresville, TX


I have had the truck 28 years and this is the second build. I bought parts for it from Chevs of the 40's years ago for it. 540 cu in. Rat motor, 871 BDS Blower, 830 HP, 4 wheel disc brakes, street legal hydraulic assist steering, AC, hydroboost power brakes, Detroit locker, 53 inch Michelins, etc. I am sending the build picture album. Use the slideshow button for easy viewing. When it is done I will email pics if you would like to use them on your website or catalog.

Paul Ripa
North Miami, FL

Thanks Chevs of the 40's. Here is my 38 Chevy Coupe finished. Thanks a lot Velvet for all the help.

Steven Jones
Mannford, OK

Got the parts early and they fit perfectly and work perfectly! I can't thank you enough for all your support! Thanks again. You got the Ol Girl back on the road.

Greg Sanders
Abilene, TX

Hello, thank you for building a fantastic company. You guys have parts for my 1940 half ton project that I can't find anywhere else. I need your help tho. Your 1947 truck build is beautiful. I would really like to know the width and back spacing of the rear wheels you used on the truck. Also I would like to know the tire size. Everywhere I look all it says is 22 inch rat tail wheels. If you guys could let me know the width, back spacing, and tire size I would greatly appreciate it. That is the exact look I am going for with my 1940. Thanks for any help and thanks for a great company. Keep it up guys!    
Chris low

Thanks Dale.
Received my parts today once again very happy you guys make it so easy there's a lot of Australian businesses 
that could learn some customer service from you guys.
It some times takes longer to get parts from Melbourne which is only a days drive.
My 52 is coming along great, I drive it every day to work.
Next year once I stop it from leaking we will be driving across
the country to Perth and back.
Once again till next order thank you very much

I'm a happy camper!!! Thanks for all the help on purchasing parts for my '41
Chevy! It's a real head turner!!!
Jim Beeghly, Chico, CA

Hey folks.

Got my 2016 Edition Truck Catalog the other day and "WOWIE WOW" !  Who's truck is on the cover ? Mine! That's who's.
That is so cool. Thank you very much. It will be preserved, for sure.

Tony Littman

P.S. Nice contents too.

I ordered parts yesterday and the Counter person said they would be here tomorrow. I hung and said, "Ya Sure You Betcha". So here are the parts. Less than 24 hours. You guys are right on.  

Thank you for your reply on my wiring harness question.  I would have thought that those two wire should have been spliced together.  You save me from making a big mistake. 
Denny D.