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Transmissions Shifter For Automatic Mastershift Paddle

Item # MS-0005
Weighs 1.0000lbs.

The 'Mastershift' Auto Shifter paddle kit enables you to shift your automatic or manual shift automatic transmission while leaving your hands on the steering wheel. It provides a quick and reliable electronically controlled movement of the transmission shift lever. The shifter unit is coupled to the transmission through a standard shift cable, just like the manual shift lever; this makes installation quick and easy. The 'MasterShift' Auto Shifter supports transmissions with a single, rotating transmission shift shaft that has one position for each gear. Common automatic transmissions fall in this category, as do some less common manual shift automatic transmissions.

Supported Transmissions:
The 'MasterShift' Manual Shifter currently supports 700R4, Turbo 400, Ford AOD, GM-4L60 and 4L60E, GM4L80, and other such transmissions (see requirements)

Vehicle with a supported automatic transmission (listed above) or with a similar automatic transmission as unsupported custom installation. Currently supported are those listed above and other such transmissions with an externally mounted shift lever that is typically cable driven.

PC with a standard serial port, running a supported version of Microsoft Windows.
Vehicle with aftermarket steering wheel (5 bolt, 6 bolt, or 9 bolt).

Basic Shifting:
Basic shifting is simple: just hit the shift buttons or paddles, and the 'MasterShift' Auto Shifter will push or pull the shift cable to place the transmission lever in the requested position, as you would have done manually before you had it.
It is also possible to "stack" multiple shifts by pressing the paddle or button several times. The Auto Shifter will then move straight to the requested target gear position. The Auto Shifter does not alter the characteristics of your transmission. If you have a manual shift automatic transmission, it will stay in gear until you shift again. If you have a standard automatic transmission (like the Turbo 400), it will have the same shift behavior according to the current position, just like before the installation of the MasterShift Auto Shifter.

Special Features Explained

1. Overdrive Control
In the OneWire board inside the paddle assembly as well as at the 'MasterShift' Auto Shifter unit is a switch input available for control of an overdrive unit. Both work as toggle inputs: pressing a button connected to either input changes the state of the overdrive output (switches it off if it was on, or switches it on if it was off). The switch input of the one-wire board inside the paddle assembly can be conveniently wired to a push-button switch mounted to the steering wheel. It is also possible to include the overdrive engagement into the shift sequence. This way, the MasterShift Auto Shifter makes it possible to use the overdrive as a gear splitter. For example, shifting from 2nd to 3rd position now occurs in two shift commands: the first enables the overdrive, placing the vehicle into something like a "2nd plus overdrive" gear, and the second shift command moves the shift lever to 3rd position and disables the overdrive. Caution: Even when using an overdrive unit with the Auto Shifter, the driver is responsible for operating the overdrive within its specified limits.

2. Overdrive Protection
Some overdrive constructions should not be driven "backwards", that is with reversed torque, either in reverse gear or while the engine is braking the vehicle. The MasterShift Auto Shifter provides two safety features that help prevent such situations.
a. Automatically Disabling the Overdrive on Downshift
b. Automatically Disabling the Overdrive when Braking

3. Neutral Safety
When the Neutral Safety Switch feature is enabled, the shift safety push-button, or safety delay must be used every time the driver wants to shift from a forward gear into neutral. The purpose of this feature is to prevent accidental shifts into neutral gear during normal driving. Multiple presses of the downshift button or paddle (without pressing the shift safety button) are now guaranteed to not shift into neutral. This is especially useful for manual shift automatic transmissions.

4. Brake Safety
The Brake Safety feature prevents shifts into reverse gear or park unless the brake pedal is pressed. This is a standard safety feature for automatic transmissions.

5. Speed Safety
The Speed Safety feature works in the same way as the Brake Safety feature: the driver is not allowed to shift into reverse gear or park when the vehicle speed is above 1 mph. This is also a standard safety feature for automatic transmissions. Required for this feature is a speed sensor pulse. This may be a raw speed sensor pulse, or a speedometer pulse that is usually sent from the engine or powertrain control module to the speedometer.

6. "OneWire"
The paddle shifter with OneWire board is to be used on vehicles with aftermarket steering wheels that have a horn wire that runs down the steering column of their vehicle. The OneWire system eliminates the need to run wires down your steering column and thus makes installation easy and painless.

This part fits most Cars and Trucks.; exceptions may apply. Please read the complete description to see if this part fits your specific vehicle and application.

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