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Tim Novak's 1942 Master Deluxe 2 Door Sedan

June 2015

Tim Novak's 1942 Master Deluxe 2 Door Sedan

-Letter Sent From Tim My name is Tim Novak. I am from rural Alexander, North Dakota. My car is a 1942 Chevrolet Master Deluxe two door sedan "Blackout". It was purchased new in Sidney, Montana by my dads uncle John Novak. I grew up working with my dad on cars. We actually worked on this car when I was a kid. In 1983 my uncle passed away and my dad received the car. He worked on it over the years and kept it running. It remained in his possession until about 7 years ago when he passed it along to me. My dad, my son, and I were going to restore it together, but my dad passed away in Dec. 2011 before we could start. My son, my wife, and I pulled it out and started the restoration in Dec. 2013. It still ran and drove. I gutted and blasted it inside and out and underneath. Not a frame off restoration, but as close as I could. I rebuilt the original motor and put new front floor pans and a trunk pan in. Thanks to the work my dad had done, I didn't have to do any brake work. Since this car is an actual "Blackout" model, I kept it original. Interior pieces and paint samples were sent in to get it back to true original. 90% of the restoration was done by myself. I had help with the rough in body work. The finish body work and paint I did myself. My brother helped with the windshield and back glass install as well as some metal repair for me. I did all the mechanical restoration. Finally in May 2015, the restoration was finished, aside from a couple minor pieces. My wife and I took it to the farm it belonged to 73 years ago and took photos. I have all the documentation on this car since new, it is one of the very few "Blackouts" known to exist. I hope you enjoy the photos. -Tim Novak

  1. Len Levere said on June 19, 2015 6:51 am:

    Tim, absolutely beautiful restoration. It’s great when a car can remain in the family like this and all the history in intact. I’m still trying to piece together the history for my car. You have done an amazing job of keeping it original. I remember riding in one much like it as a kid. Just one thing; I don’t know the term ‘Blackouts’. What does that mean?
    Enjoy your “new” car! LL

  2. Tim42 said on June 19, 2015 1:32 pm:

    They stopped car production mid December 1941 due to the war. All cars made during the short part of early 1942 had all prior chrome parts painted with the exception of a few pieces, bumpers, wiper arms, exterior door locks, ignition tumbler, glove box button and some trim screws. This and that the country went into blackout conditions the cars were nicknamed “Blackouts”. There are other opinions as to this nickname but this is what I have found. You can google 1942 Chevy Blackouts and several pieces of info will come up. Thanks for the comments. Tim

  3. Brian S said on May 10, 2017 11:48 am:

    Really nice restoration. Glad you kept it totally stock. The black out features are a treat to see. So few were made it’s great to see one restored. By the way, the “as found” picture is very cool, too.