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Ray Martin's 1942 Chevy 1.5 Ton

July 2016

Ray Martin's 1942 Chevy 1.5 Ton

Although titled as 1942 this truck was built in September 1944. The War Production Board allowed Chevrolet to build civilian heavy-duty chassis cabs for qualified essential users in 1944 and 1945. My best research shows that GM built only 108 of these trucks in 1944. After purchasing at auction I discovered the original purchase document in the glove box along with the form (WPB - 717) dated September 5th, 1944 allowing Mr. Fred Horstman of Vallonia, Indiana to proceed with the purchase of this truck. Mr. Horstman picked up his new truck at Brown Chevrolet located in Seymour, Indiana on Sep. 20th 1944. I removed a 1969 plate from her and believe it had set in a barn for the last 45 years. Old girl only had 22,082 miles showing. While tearing down the 235 CID engine I found that the head casting date is August 30, 1944!  Thats 21 days from moulten iron to driving from the dealership! I did a total rework on the head. As for the block, I only honed, ringed and new crank mains. Still running babbitt rod bearings. With the 6.17 rear end about 42 mph is top speed. The original oak bed was in bad shape so I built a new red oak replica. I did however use the original livestock racks by cutting them down in size, giving them a pressure bath and new paint. I started the tear down on February 14, 2015 and displayed her at our first show on Aug 22, 2015. To my surprise she won best truck. I am a life long Indiana farmer and I'm looking forward to driving the ol truck on the farm and around the country side. Like Ray's Truck? Leave A Comment!

  1. DavidyAvidy said on July 8, 2016 6:17 pm:

    She is BEAUTIFUL! What a find!

  2. dhwdlee said on July 9, 2016 6:40 am:

    What a great restoration. I;m sure the vehicle has and will continue to give you a lot of pleasure in the certain knowledge of a job Well Done!!!!

  3. 41fred said on July 9, 2016 2:55 pm:

    Wow Ray nice inspiration!! I bought a 41 ton and a half same kind of stake bed. It too had been barn stored here in Missouri since 1976. I’ve been working on it every weekend for about 5 months. I learned the old 216 block had cracked from freezing so Im in the middle of repairing that. Yours is beautiful. Can’t wait to hear mine run. Love them all!!