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Mike & Georgie's 1939 Chevy

Mike & Georgie's 1939 Chev

December 2017

The car was built up from the chassis for the 2016 Peking to Paris Rally. It was actually finished in 2014 and we competed in the Mandalay Rally in 2015. Coming 5th overall and 2nd in class. This was a good shake down for the P2P. A little about the car. The body was removed, sandblasted, and painted in Jaguar blue. The chassis was blasted and painted. The front suspension was converted to beam axle and leaf springs with Bilstein shock absorbers hung vertically. The rear suspension is leaf springs with Ford 9 inch heavy duty axle. Bilstein shocks. The Engine is 1962 235cu inch with twin carbs and full flow exhaust, giving about 145hp. This is coupled to a Trimec 600 5 speed gearbox and hydraulic operated HD clutch. The interior has roll over loop and Recaro seats, which are very good!! Unrated cooling system and Kenlowe fan. She has also done a tour of Australia this year, 9000kms with 4500 of that on gravel. No trouble at all! She's now home and resting, just needs steering box rebuilt!! Look forward to hearing from you. Mike and Georgie. Like Mike & Georgie's Car?! Leave A Comment!