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Michael Clarks 1952 Chevy Truck

June 2016

Michael Clark's 1952 Chevy Pickup

Every January, my New Year Resolution includes a "project" for the upcoming year - building something new OR improving something that already exists. I have Always been intrigued with older/antique things. For years I drove by this old, rusty classic - just sleeping in this Mexican junk yard. I guess it took me back to childhood and Disney's Herbie the Love Bug. I just couldn't see her go out that way. I really admire this original design. Anyone who knows me knows I'm VERY mechanically challenged. But thank goodness for supportive friends AND Mexican Auto shops. Now I understand how others get so hooked on these projects. The word RESCUE is normally associated with animals, but why not this? I travel too much to own another pet. I need something to drive around Rocky Point and help me promote this unique area and my Travel Business. Sometimes, I just think things are meant to be! Like any construction OR remodel project, KARMA took a little longer (15 months) and cost a little more than originally anticipated. Hopefully, she is HAPPY with her NEW make-over (and home) and we can create fond memories for many years to come. I think she looks pretty good for 64 years old. Some friends are calling this a mid-life crisis - I'm calling it FUN. THANKS to my support team: IAN - talking me into pulling the trigger TOM & RON - neighbors with cold beer & lots of recommendations PANCHO - Tire & Wheel shop - PHX TRES - KC Paint & Supplies - PHX SPECIAL THANKS GARY - LOTS of HELP with humor & experience and more cold beer & tasty tequila MARIO - Flores Body Shop - Penasco BALTA, BETO, CHARLIE - Willy's Auto Shop - Penasco DAVID - Munoz Tapiceia - Penasco DREW - Chevs of the 40's - Knowledge, Expertise and all kinds of Patience THANK YOU Common asked QUESTIONS/Answers WHAT IS THE YEAR & MAKE 1952 Chevy WHAT IS THE ENGINE 216 straight 6 (rebuilt) ORIGINAL GOAL I just wanted a "Rat Rod" - something fun & cartoony. Then Mario (body & paint guy) did such a good job of restoration, I decided to step up my end and go for something a little nicer. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE About 15 months - VERY frustrating at times. WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN NO - but I'm VERY proud of this final product IS IT FOR SALE NO - but my Dad always told me everything is for sale at right price. I just LOVE the lines/curves on this vehicle and see myself driving it as long as I can. HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH Do not know, but would be interesting to find out. Many friends want her to go to a car show but doubt she ever will. PURPOSE Help promote Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) via my travel business AZ FUN & LEISURE. And (of course) enjoy those Sunday drives to favorite watering holes. BIGGEST SURPRISE Cost of replacement parts AND how NICE and courteous everyone in this field is at helping you find what you need - even when it means sending you to a competitor. FUN hearing LOTS of stories about other people's memories of a similar truck (or car) in their past. WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS CHALLENGE TO OTHERS I think everyone should have some type of goals or hobbies (outside of work). If you do pursue this challenge - Plan for extra time, patience & budget. FOND MEMORIES This project made me realize how many people have a favorite vehicle at some point in their life. A unique connection to a "special" car or truck that meant so much to them and brought them so much happiness - much like a favorite pet, person, teacher, song or vacation. MADE IN AMERICA RE-BUILT in Puerto Penasco I'm always AMAZED what my friends in MX can accomplish with (very) limited equipment & materials - compared to most shops in the states. THANK YOU

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