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Dannie Hoffer's 1952 Chevy Hardtop

January 2016

Dannie Hoffer's 1952 Hardtop

My Car is a 1952 Chevy 2 door hard top convertible. I read one of your Newsletters so here I am sending you pictures of my beauty. I am not bragging, BUT I have won a trophy at every Car Show i've entered. I had my car in a Hollywood Movie doing chase scenes. The name of the movie was GIANT GILA MONSTER. It was a remake of a 1959 movie Giant Gila Monster. I was the lead car in the Chase Scenes. I had a lot of fun doing the movie. My dad bought the car back in 1952 at the Knox, Indiana Chevy Dealer which is now the Moose Lodge in town. The car sat in his barn for 35 years and he was going to call the junk yard to come after it. I told him, "They will only give you $100 for the car as junk, I will give you $100 for it." He said, "why do you want this piece of junk?" I said, "I will bring her back to life and drive it around. He said, "I will give you the car and it won't cost you a thing." I took my neighbor who owns a body shop out to look at the car setting in the barn. I asked what would it cost me to get it running again?? He gave me a price of $8,000 and I agreed. 7 years and almost $20,000 later I got the car back. She now has a 1978 Corvette 350 motor with 450 HP and a Corvette Automatic 4 Speed Transmission. Originally the car had a power glide transmission, Jerry the Body Man made his own linkage so the gear shift is still on the column. I had the interior all done in leather. I love my old car and love to take it to Car Shows. I drove it last Summer to Knoxville, TN. My cousin is the President of a Car Club there and wanted me to drive it there so he could show it off. It was a nice drive 500 miles each way. I live close to Michigan City, Indiana I have more pictures if you'd like to see them. I won a 7 foot trophy last year and a $500 gift card from NAPA for Cruiser Of The Year. When I was restoring my car almost all of my new parts came from Chev's Of The 40s. You have to best selection of parts for Chevy's Dannie Hoffer