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Chris Vouaux's 1940 Chevy 1/2 Ton

Chris Vouaux's 1940 1/2 Ton

July 2017

Our brother first got the truck in 1975 from a friend for payment for painting a 1964 GTO. He worked on it some on and off a few years and got to drive it around the block once then parked it because it still needed a lot of work to make it drive able so he parked it and it got moved around a few times and he was always to busy to work on it , he was always doing things for other people and the poor old truck got put off to the side for many years. I 1993 he finally decided to start working on it again after it sat for about 14 or 15 years. He worked on it during the winter months while we were not working on the race car but when race season came along the truck would get moved to the back of the shop where it waited for the off season to be worked on. He had gotten most of the frame done and chopped the top and did a lot of the body work. But sadly in 1999 we lost him unexpectedly and he never got his chance to finish the truck. After a few years it was time to finish his truck for him so I got started on it. It wasn't easy at first at all (Also was trying to quit drinking at the same time which didn't make it easier on me) but I tried my very best and stayed at it and finally got it done in 2008. Since then I have taken it to car shows all over Michigan and have won 125 trophies or more with it (Stopped counting once over 100) everything from top 25 to best Chevy, best modified, best truck to many best in show. This truck has been the very best therapy for me when I first started showing it and got my first plaque I cried and had a hard time talking about the truck with people but now years later I can talk about the truck and my brother much easier now. The truck wears the license plate of TIMS 40 so people know that it is Tim's truck and not mine.

  1. mike rockwell said on July 28, 2017 5:57 pm:

    Tim, nice truck, your brother would be proud of the truck & you over-coming your problem. These vehicles & hobby are good therapy for all kinds of reasons. I have a ’47 Chevy Aerosedan custom. Enjoy the ride.

  2. sdamiani said on July 29, 2017 9:47 am:

    Chris —
    Your story and insight of your brothers truck and experiences really take me back, very cool that you stayed with it through the loss the of your brother and your issues at hand throughout the years. The truck looks great, “good job”. I’m sure your brother and extended family are smiling with pride. Truly an excellent example of keeping your nose and head down and dedicated to attaining the task at hand 🙂 All the best. I have 48′ Thriftmaster 1/2 myself..

  3. davajtss said on August 1, 2017 12:09 pm:

    Beautiful truck. I love your story. The stories behind these amazing vehicles iwhat makes them so special. Thank you for sharing.

  4. said on August 3, 2017 2:43 am:

    Dave Vouaux my younger brother owns this Chevy. He got it when Tim past away. I just sent it in. I would love to own it but even the under side of this truck gets a wax job every year 1 or 2 times.