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Bob Wright's 1940 Cabriolet

May 2016

Bob Wright's 1940 Chevy Cabriolet

My first car was a 1941 Chevrolet Black Cabriolet with red leather upholstery which I should have kept. But I wanted a newer car way back when and sold it to a teenage kid who promptly totaled-it a short time later. In the 1970's my wife, Marian, and I saw the 1940 Chevrolet Cabriolet at the auto show in the New York City Coliseum. We bought it pending an inspection by the Service Manager at our local Chevrolet dealership, Wilton Motors. It needed work but it passed his inspection and we had it restored by Automotive Restorations in Stratford, CT.  Also, over the years we replaced certain parts of the car such as the wire harness, front-end parts, and some transmission gears. Our future plans are to keep it in nice shape and drive it. We got tired of going to car shows and sitting around in the hot sun. Interestingly, young kids in the neighborhood really like it. Thanks, Bob