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December 2015

Ivy Westmorelands 1950 4 Door

Letter From Ivy. Around San Diego, my 1950 Chevy Deluxe is known as “The Purple People Eater” but for me it is my “Toy 4 Ivy”. I purchased my Chevy Deluxe 11 years ago from a young man who lives in San Juan Capistrano, California. Jorge Maldonado and his friend had painted the rich and beautiful deep purple color that you see and had also re-upholstered the whole inside. The best part of everything is that they had installed air bags in the trunk of the car so that I would be able to lift it or drop it to the ground. Under the hood, everything had been pieced together so I had the car trailered to San Diego where I could begin to personalize it for myself. My very first disaster was an electrical fire and I was broke down on an off ramp from the freeway. I had it towed to a car repair shop close to my home in hopes that somebody would be able to rewire the car. Unfortunately, they really didn’t know what they were doing and I had to take my car elsewhere to repair all the electrical components throughout the whole car. Then, I started to get repair work that was needed under the hood to make it safe for me; new radiator, starter, brakes, master cylinder, water pump, and tires. I also had to have the bottom frame welded and the engine resealed. For show, my husband and son found an old air conditioner that sits on the back right window and they had a picture of me air brushed when I was 21 years old on the air conditioner. As the owner, I have had the pleasure and honor to participate in so many different events and have met so many nice people who have family history and memories growing up in a car like mine. What makes me happiest, is that it puts a smile on everyone’s face. It doesn’t matter the social economic level nor the race nor the age nor the gender of the person, they all simply love it.

  1. Paintpony said on December 8, 2015 7:31 pm:

    Your car is amazing Ivy and it so fits you. Your car is beautiful, and is an inspiration for great childhood memories, both just like you. I’m so glad your car was shared here, thank you for letting us join in!

  2. Michelle Poppe said on December 8, 2015 8:25 pm:

    I met Ivy Westmorland in Cabo San Lucas a few years ago. She showed me a picture of her Chevy. That so much started the conversation. I own a 64 Ford Galaxie 500. The last 4 years in knowing Ivy have been great. We see each other in Cabo and San Diego. Today, she sent me an email in regards to her car. For the first time she brings up Chevy of the 40’s. Never thought about her getting products from a local source, much yet, my friend, Ron Wade. Such a small world in those that love cars. Her car is beautiful.. My Molly should only look so good