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Jack & Levi Horton's 1954 Chevy 3/4 Ton

November 2015

Jack & Levi Horton’s 1954 Chevy 3/4T

It’s not everyday you hear about a couple teenagers working on a 1954 3/4T. Jack Horton and his brother Levi started working on their truck when they were about 15 years old and did a ground up a restoration. They drove it for a few years with the 235ci and a 3 speed trans. During that time they only put about 150 miles on it.
After a while they got to thinking, and decided to put the truck on a newer chassis with a V8 and an automatic. A 93 GMC 2wd chassis is now sitting underneath it, and a TBI 350 paired with a 4L80E transmission have replaced the old 6 cylinder and 3 speed. Fortunately they didn’t have to adjust the frame length because they built the bed from scratch and could put the fenders wherever they wanted. Jack said that changing the frame out wasn’t difficult and it saved him more money than putting on a new front end. Another plus side is that now he can walk into any auto parts store and find parts on the shelf!

Jack and Levi (Now 19 & 20) said that their truck is a blast to drive, they have now put over 200 miles on it in the first month since completing the project.

These two brothers really love old trucks. Jack brought up, “It’s a shame more young guys aren’t interested in this stuff.”

I think most of us agree.