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1951 Styleline 2 Door

Featured Vehicle - November 2014

1951 Chevy Styleline 2 Door

Johnny Nettles bought his 1951 Styleline over 42 years ago from a friend who was planning on rodding it out, but for one reason or another had to sell it. The deal was $100.00 for the car, although at the time Johnny didn't have all the cash on hand. He paid $85.00 that day and was to pay the balance at a later date. Johnny went off to college shortly after, having not seen the original owner since the day of purchase. In recent years Johnny finally ran into him and offered to pay him the $15.00 and he laughed and said, "Are you kidding? Keep it." The car was bought with the intent of restoring it to its former "Original" glory, with all original parts. Unfortunately at that time his sister needed a car to get around in, so a long while later Johnny got it back. This time he had just got a new job and didn't have the time, so it sat in storage until he retired in 2008 and decided to fix it up. After countless hours of surfing the web finding all the original parts he could find, as well as the many man hours of putting it together, Johnny and his car had finally finished their restoration journey. Now, everywhere the car goes it attracts lots of attention, its been taken to many shows and has won quite a few awards.