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1940 Chevy 4 Door Sedan

Featured Vehicle – January 2015

1940 Chevy 4 Door Sedan

In 1940, This Chevy had been acquired by a farmer in Pennsylvania, which happened to be bad timing because of the war going on. The U.S. Army was requisitioning many privately owned cars for use as troop carriers in Europe. The owner refused to hand in the car and hid it under a pile of hay in a barn, where it sat…

Until a couple years after World War II ended and the owner remembered to dig his Chevy out of the haystack. Apparently the car was in great shape and the paint still shined like new. He drove the car for about 67,000 miles, until in 1962 he sold the car to the Schaefer Chevrolet dealer in Pinioning, Michigan.

New tires were mounted and a full service was performed before they put it on display in their showroom. 50 years later they posted it for sale online.

Hans Kurmann, who lives in Switzerland, happened to see the ad and immediately came to the states to purchase the car.

As you can imagine its not a very common vehicle to see in Switzerland so Hans gets a lot of attention wherever he goes.

Hans has bought all of his parts for his car from Chevs Of The 40’s.