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Vin number location

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    Michelle At Chevs

    Hello Hilltop,

    I have done some research trying to locate information on your vin# unfortunately I was not able to locate much information for you. I think you are right as the BG would be the series from what information that I did locate in our truck catalog.

    There is a bit of history here as in 1942 the government halted automobile production due to the war. In 1944 and 1945 the government allowed some production of civilian use heavy duty chassis cabs. In 1946 full production started back up.

    I do have a couple of sights I have listed below that you may be able to find more information on your truck.

    Also, just so you are aware we do have a Truck Data Book which covers 1941-1946 Chevy Trucks. It is filled with measurements and loads of data on the trucks which is helpful especially for the larger trucks. Unfortunately no Vin# information however.

    I do hope this helps with your search and let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Cumiford
    Chevs of the 40s
    800-999-2438 Ext 133



    Hello , I have a 1945 Chevy 1.5 Ton dual tire. I have the original title from November 1945 . listed as the vin # BG693640 On MOTOR the motor stamp says same today. can any one help me read this, I have read the BG was the first design. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dale At Chevs

    I have heard that it possibly could be done on the seat frame base. also I think the original engine number. I am sorry I could not help more then that.



    Looking for information on vin number locations other than the door jamb on my 1946 Fleetmaster 4 door.

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