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Replaced Head Gasket, now won\'t start

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    I have not rechecked the timing, but never messed with it after it was running, or after the head gasket blew. I did check the spark plug wires all the way from the coil through the distributor to the plugs, but did not pull the plugs out to try and test them. They are only a year old however. When I replaced the plugs and wires I also put new points on and gapped it properly



    Hello RedDevil2N, have checked that your ignition timing is set correctly and that your points are correctly gapped? Are you getting spark at the spark plug?



    It’s already been replaced, but I had milky oil, white smoke poring out of the tail pipe when it happened. From what I was told by others smarter than I those are pretty standard indicators of a blown head gasket. When I took it off I could see where it had failed.



    Hello RedDevil2N, what are the symptoms that are leading you to believe that you have a blown head gasket?



    I have replaced the head gasket on a 1954 Chevy 6 cylinder, 235ci. Prior to the head gasket blowing, it was running fine. Sounded simple enough, replace the head gasket, get it back together, get her running.

    I bought the truck in 1993 (16 years old) as a project to rebuild it with my dad. Unfortunately I left to serve in the Army before we finished it. He was fortunate enough to finish it with his dad though. Both my dad and gramps have passed away since the truck was finished, and I am now back home in Washington and have the truck with me. While driving it to my home I blew the head gasket.

    So the reason for the story behind the truck is to highlight the fact that it was my dad and his dad that knew what they were doing. I don’t have the same skills as they did. So I’m really in the dark here, going off an original manual and google.

    Here’s what I know now:

    It does crank and turn over.
    It does have fuel to the carb.
    It does have power from the coil to the distributor
    It does have power from the coil to the spark plugs
    I replaced the coil, wires and plugs a year ago .
    The battery is fully charged at 12.75 and meets the cold cranking amps for the battery.

    I’m lost and need help!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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