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difference rear fenders 39 to 41 truck…?

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    Not knowing all of the specifics of your project you would want to look online at some pictures to try to match your fenders. We have no way to tell what you have. I do have a bit of information that will hopefully help you out.

    Chevy Truck 1940-1946 Reproduction of stock part. Measures 10″ wide with 30-1/2″ wheel well. Wider fenders will be 2 inches wider.

    Chevy Truck 1939 does not give me the specifics of the measurements.

    You can see a picture of all the fenders on our website –

    Thank you for your inquiry,

    Chevs of the 40s



    Hello Guys,

    i´m new here and i´m working on a COE Truck project. Since that truck was a big corn truck and i´m gonig to build a pickup out of it i need some rear fenders.I found some chevy fiberglass fenders which fits nice ragrding the shape but i put some wide tires under the truck so i´m looking for wider fenders. I do not know what year those fenders are. Can anybody explain whats the difference between the 1939/1940 to the 1941/1946 rear fenders?
    Appreciate your help thank you much


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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