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1951 Hardtop Rear Window installation

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    I don’t see any reply from dvcarp, He must have done something in the last two months?

    I just tried to install the rear glass in my 52 Hardtop, I didn’t have any better luck than him. I could not get it to fit at all, especially in the corners, so I did not get to the part where the holes don’t line up. I also looked for help on the subject, all I found was him having the same problem. I checked the hole alignment after removing the glass, they did not line up either.
    I then turned the rubber what appeared to be upside down and the holes lined up. The first thought was the holes were drilled wrong. the second thought was the rubber was upside down! I trialed fitted one of the side corner glass with it like this and it looks pretty good. So turn the gasket so the holes line up, with the vertical groove in the inside and smooth on the outside.
    The picture of the rubber gasket in the parts cat. is upside down



    Hello dvcarp, unfortunately there is not any factory documentation for the Back Glass installation for 1950-1954 Chevrolet Hardtops. We are researching to see if we can find any instructions to help you. Thank you for bringing these questions to our attention.



    Has anybody out there installed the 3 panel rear window assembly on a Hardtop? Very complicated. I have the glass correctly mounted in the rubber gasket and the outside trim moulsing centered and installed into the exterior of the gasket. Having problem with pre-fitting of the 2 Interior Vertical Bars and Exterior Vertical Trim pieces. The replacement square plate mount screws from Chev’s of the 40’s are not long enough to attach the exterior trim through the vertical rubber gasket and reach the Interior vertical bar for the nuts to draw together. None of the 4 holes provided in the vertical rubber gasket line up with the fixed holes of the Interior Vertical Bars, and the width of the chromed Interior Vertical Bars do not fit the channeled width of the inside of the vertical rubber gasket. Why doesn’t the Interior Vertical Bar width fir the Vertical Gasket width, and why don’t the holes line up??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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