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Gary Lords 1964 Chevy Pickup

January 2018

Gary Lords 1964 Chevy Pickup

To the gang at Chevs Of The 40’s,
I wish to send you a note to thank you for the help with my husbands retirement which gave him more time to restore his Chevs. The work on his ’56 Chevy Hardtop with drenched head lights & tail taillights. A 52 Hardtop Converted to 12V, etc. Also his last and most enjoyable project, a 64 Chevrolet pickup
(which got him many thumbs up & horn honks.)
One man stopped him at the grocery store and wanted to take a photo of Gary & his truck. He wanted to the photo so he could send to his brother to show him what a real truck looked like.
In 1964 we bought a 1951 Chevy Convertible. I needed a car for transportation. it was cheap with a bashed rear fender & trunk which he replaced with parts from a “donor” Pontiac
(The car was dark green, the Pontiac was yellow).
His 2 uncles taught him to do body work & paint. He ended up painting the ’51, one of the
1st Candy Apple Red ones in The Valley.
He had been to embarrassed to drive it in it’s sad shape and now hated too much attention so it became my wheels. With 2 kids I drove it back & forth to work, 25 miles to visit my parents, etc.
It was so easy to drive & parallel park.
This was developing into an expensive hobby and he would groan as he totaled up his parts orders but he wore such a big grin when your shipments arrived and he caressed each item.
Gary turned 82 years old and became too weak to do anymore. An old friend promised to get my car finished with the help of our middle son, the restoration is going ahead.
Gary died in April after a struggle with 4 types of cancer. When your catalog came with the front view of the Chevy and the license plate bearing “GARY”, I was brought to tears.
I just wanted to tell you all a big THANKS and Merry Christmas.

Ruth Lords
Idaho Falls, ID.


Gary Painted And Sold Art To Pay For Chevy Parts. He Was A Professional Water Color Artist.

  1. 52Styleline said on January 10, 2018 5:14 pm:

    My dad, Peter Jahner worked with Gary many years. Talked about him all the time. After my Dad retired, we were at a car show at Smith Chevrolet and Gary was glad to talk to my Dad and reminisce. Glad I met him. Dad passed in 2012, I live in Meridian, just turned 60, have had a ’52 Chevy 2 door styleline sedan for 15 years. Funnest part is the driving!